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Jaikoz Title Capitalizer - ignore filetype

I know this seems rather, well, anal - but I would like Jaikoz to title capitalize my filenames - not the filetype! Now it capitalize to “02 - True Blue.Flac”. Why is flac capitalized? I even added .flac and flac to the ignore list - it still does it. Any way to fix this? Jaikoz didn’t do this in earlier versions (so I have thousands of flac - now I will get Flac). Its a small issue, I know…

I couldnt get it working either, okay raised

Having looked at this I don’t think it ever worked as you would like. I’m thinking that maybe you are getting confused between Capitalizer and Correct Filename from Metadata. Now Correct Filename from Metadata does leave the file suffix well alone, and that would be the usual way to modify the filename.

I also tried out case conversion on a couple of other taggers (Meta and Yate) and in both cases they do not even allow the filename to be modified by their case tool.

Now, if I changed capitalizer so it doesn’t modify suffix then if user already had filenames with title in uppercase or title case there would be no easy way to get to lowercase. Also there are difficulties caused by having the dot treated differently for filename column than dots in other columns.

Now I could have an option Do Not Modify after the Dot but would be a pain if you had to go into settings each time you wanted to toggle this and there is no popup menu when you select a Capitalizer and I dont particulary want to add one. What I could do is add Filename Title Case capitalizer that does title case but doesnt touch the file suffix ?

Done for next release

Fixed in