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Jaikoz Stuck in View-Only Mode

I can’t seem to get the Jaikoz I have out of read only mode. I just started it for the first time, loaded it, realized I couldn’t do anything, found a short thread in the forum and re-closed it. I then opened it again and it’s still in view-only mode.

NB: I just purchased this a few weeks ago. I f I have to purchase upgrades to the pro version I purchased just a few weeks ago, I am very confused. I have restarted Jaikoz several times.

Hi, sorry there was an issue with the licensing database, please restart again and it should now work.

Greetings Paul!

Same issue here. I just purchased an upgrade to Pro and am stuck in View only.


Hi, please see Jaikoz Licensing - you need to purchase version updates not pro upgrade.

Thank you. I purchased a version update and that combined with Pro upgrade purchased prior has me where I’d like to be.