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Jaikoz Licensing

We have noticed a few customers have purchased an upgrade from Standard to Pro, when what they actually required was one year of version updates.

Jaikoz comes with free updates to new versions for one year. After that year is up you have continued access to your current release but not to new releases unless you purchase another period of version updates, you can purchase a further 1, 2 or 3 years from

If you install a new version of Jaikoz without having a current version updates period then Jaikoz will run in View Only mode.

Jaikoz can be purchased as a Standard or Pro license, Pro comes with more features. You can upgrade from Standard to Pro at a later date, but upgrading to Pro has no effect on your version updates period. If version updates period has expired and you need access to latest version you need to purchase a version updates period, not upgrade from Standard to Pro