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Jaikoz 11.6.1 Doves released January 7th 2023

We have now released Jaikoz 11.6.1 Doves, this fixes a few issues that we missed for the 11.6 release


JAIKOZ-1436 Setting ARTIST to multi value causes it to save values with first value as empty

JAIKOZ-1437 Error Deleting tab

JAIKOZ-1438 Problem creating new tab

Greetings! Just a fyi. Just attempted to install 11.6.1 over 11.6 and Norton stated:

Threats detected
Jaikoz does not have a valid digital signature

File name: jaikoz.exe
Detected by: Firewall
Local IP: x.x.x.x:62071
Local Host: xxxxxxxx
Remote IP:
Remote Host:
Protocol: TCP
Direction: Outbound
IPv6 NAT traversal: No
Date and Time: 1/7/2023 1:01:01 PM

Hmm, did it install okay without warning ?

Yes. It installed with no warnings. I can produce a screenshot of the notification which occurs every time the Jaikoz shortcut is run from the desktop.

Okay that would be useful.


It is signed (otherwise Windows Defender would complain at install time).

I suppose you can just select Allow Always but doesn’t give confidence to other customers, hopefully Norton will update its database and thus problem will go away.

Thank you Paul. I just wanted to make you aware of this notification from Norton. I will “allow always”.

There was an issue with this release, if you have already installed 11.6.1 before this post please replace with updated version.

If using Windows first uninstall Jaikoz (You must do this on Windows or it will just reinstall the old version again)

Then for all platforms:

  • Download replacement version of Jaikoz 11.6.1 now on website
  • Install new version
  • In Help:About it will now say Build Date:8th January 2023 , before it would say 7th January 2022