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Jaikoz 11.0 Preferences Changes

Previously all preferences were stored in settings,jai, this was an encrypted Xml file and it was a bad idea. As a developer had to modify the Xml schema every time I needed to add a new preference which was cumbersome. For customers because it was a large Xml file and it was encrypted, this was the main reason for slow Jaikoz start up times, and if the file became corrupted it would just have to be deleted losing all modifications you had made to preferences.

That has all gone now, and most preferences are now stored in but we have,,, for storing the columns displayed in the main edit window.

Jaikoz now comes with predefined filename masks, and these can be modified and new ones added just like in SongKong. All renames masks are stored in, and this is exactly the same as the one provided for SongKong.

Jaikoz now provide a list of filter of supported genres rather than unsupported genres, this is stored in genrelist.txt

To aid Classical album identification we have classical_composers.txt, classical_people.txt and classical_conductors.txt

General gui configuration is stored in