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Issue's with SongKong

Here is the some issue’s I am having with SongKong Pro:

Fix Songs:
Ran for almost 2 hours but apparently only processed just over 30% of the loaded files because “…before task cancelled by SongKong because of unreported error” with 1 file

Expected result:

  1. Ignore error and continue process remaining files that are getting loaded
  2. Stop loading files if program cannot continue process and stop to generate report.

Fix Songs Not Loaded report:

For items listed here wished SongKong provided suggestion or solutions on how to fix issue’s listed on this page.

Example of some issue’s listed on the report:

Flac file has invalid block type 116
Invalid Audio header for file


Delete Duplicates

Using the option: Same MusicBrainz song and same album (any version) and sounds the same

SongKong found a bunch of duplicates and moved some of the duplicates to a folder I specified so I could review before deleting.

Here is the problem:


this file was moved to the temp folder for my review:
Bon Jovi - Cross Road (Compilation) - 13 - In & Out of Love.flac

this file was left in the original music folder
Bon Jovi - Cross Road (Compilation) - 13 - In & Out of Love(1).flac

Expected result:

once the lesser quality file/duplicate gets moved out during the dup process the (1) label/extension gets removed that has added during the fix process

I have Songkong installed on my linux based server.

I have a bunch of folders with the same names after running fix.


Merle Haggard
merle haggard

I realize under linux the lowercase b (created by the fix option) in blink is a valid folder label but under my windows mapped drive it is causing me an issue when attempting to open.

Expected results:

If I have a folder Blink-182 already created why does SongKong need to create a another with the same spelling but lowercase?

Unexpected errors are unexpected and should not occur, this is likely to be a bug so please run Create Support Files so I can identify the cause of the error

It is more a list of files that do not appear to be valid, they may need renencoding from source, or it could be that they are just non-standard and if you convert the files with another tool such as dbPoweramp then they will be readable by SongKong.

The decision on which duplicates should be moved depends on the Preferred Deletion Criteria

I agree it would seem that the the one with the extension should be the one moved, but again I need to see your support files to investigate this.

The correct name for the band is blink-182 not Blink-182 - see so that is why folder name has been created that way.

If you ran SongKong on Windows it would not create this second folder because foldernames are case-insensitive on Windows, but they are not on linux. So I am afraid if you are using SongKong on linux but want to use the files on Windows you’ll need to remove these anomalies manually i.e delete the Blink-182 folder and move the contents to blink-182.

Did your suggestion and reran fix songs. Guess what SongKong did? It recreated the Blink-182 folder, moved a bunch of songs to that folder and now I have 2 folders again with songs split between them. So to me that means SongKong isn’t using the naming convention defined by musicbrainz.

I would rather not have duplicate/same name folders.

Thanks for sending the support files, i have been going through the reports and Im currently stumped, I can see no reason why it is doing this, it shouldnt be doing this, I’m going to have setup a test but this will not be until after Xmas.

I cannot understand the Delete Duplicates deleting the wrong file either. I’m assuming the creationDate of the (1) file would be later than the other and hence it would be the one deleted but maybe that is not correct, neither is the code wrong so that it is always deleting the earlier file since as this screenshot shows here it does delete the correct one.

Again, I will have to investigate further after Xmas.

Finally there seems to be no reason for the UnexpectedError - there is a mismatch of just 35 files between songs Loaded and songs Completed, if you rerun it will probably complete okay. Note the songs Saved figure is usually lower because songs only need to be saved if the metadata for the song has changed and since this is the second time you have run Fix Songs many songs did not need further changes.

A couple more things:

  1. Delete Duplicate
    “Same MusicBrainz song and same album (any version) and sounds the same”. Why do I have to run it 4 times? The first 3 times it found duplicates (20 or so on each run) and they were moved to my review folder. The the 4th time it reported it could not find any more duplicates. But there was still duplicates in the folder.

  2. Attempted to use “Same MusicBrainz song and sounds the same” option as it sounded less restrictive. Checked Preview only. I wanted to see what the report would state BEFORE it actually moved any files. Apparently this does not work? Because the report stated it found 462 duplicates and imagine my surprise when I found 462 files in my review folder. Also apparently there is no way to reverse/restore what it did? I ran the Undo fixes but none of the files moved out before I canceled/stopped SongKong.

Don’t know, please resend support files.

Ah, okay there is a bug in the web ui (as used by docker) that Delete Duplicates uses Is Preview flag from Fix Songs rather than Delete Duplicates. I have already fixed this release but Coronavirus and Xmas have delayed this bug fix release, sorry about that. Undo Fixes is only for undoing changes made by Fix Songs not unmoving/deleting files due to Delete Duplicates.

To aid with this problem I have raised - this will then inform you of which criteria was used to select the song(s) to be deleted in the report.

Here is my inital thoughts:

I don’t know what info was passed to you when the support files were sent over so I will try to detail out what I have done to get the various issue’s and to provide some insight which hopefully helps out.

  1. SongKong is currently running in a docker

  2. As of today I have ran SongKong 16 times (6 Delete Dups, 2 Undo Changes, 7 Fix Songs (Pro version), 1 Fix Songs (Non pro)) since Monday

  3. First time running Fix Songs as a Pro version I picked wrong option which caused all songs to be lumped under artist folder (which I did not want) and nearly all subfolders and non-music content was deleted. The only ones that were left behind were file/folders that were write protected. So I guess by default SongKong doesn’t confirm sub folders folders/files permissions are cleared/removed as I had a few with a file labeled albumart.jpg (example) in the subfolder with nothing else. But I want to state that was my mistake and not SongKong as I did not initially get what the output would be using the Rename Mask options. Maybe display an example next to the option that is selected?

–Everything after this point is based on the fact all songs are lumped under the artist folder and what I learned

  1. Deleted Dups found 42 on first run, 42 second run, 15 third run, and 85 (listed on report but actual was 87) on fourth run, Fifth run found none. Hench why do I have to run dups so many times before it supposedly doesn’t find any more?

  2. On the report page its reporting the wrong value under the deleted column or the column label is misleading. Mine as an example it is reporting 362 files were deleted. 362 is the number of dup keys found and the actual number of delete files is located at the bottom of the page under summary which was 462 for me. I think it should state Deleted Keys and the column labeled Duplicates should list the total number of files that were either deleted or moved. Mine shows a “-” why is that?

  3. Preview apparently doesn’t work when using Delete Dups and I really wished there was an option available to retain folder structure when moving to duplicate folder so that I could restore manually if I wanted too.

  4. When dup moves files it does not relabel file left in the original folder which means they are left with the (1). I had a lot of these files labeled like this.

I will post later on Fix and Undo

Okay, so by default nothing is renamed but you can enable renaming and set a filename mask. You are right to say no example mask is shown on the Filenaming tab, maybe we could add that - . But if you go to Preferences you can edit masks and add new ones and can see an example


I discussed this earlier, I dont have an answer for you yet.

Okay, you are correct about this I have raised a bug -

I addressed this in earlier answer, there is a bug with remote/web version only that it uses Is Preview flag from Fix Songs rather than Delete Duplicates. This is fixed for next release but in meantime you can get round it by selecting Is Preview in Fix Songs, starting the task and then cancelling. Now if you run Delete Duplicates it will run in preview mode.

There is already an enhancement request for this -

Fix songs option

  1. I had actually ran Fix Pro 9 times. 2 times stopped the docker SongKong instance as it was no longer running
    I had run the fix process 4 times by the second crash (2 good runs and 2 stopped runs); 2 of the times I attempted to run it killed/stopped the SongKong process in my docker. Extra clarification I started up SongKong fix it process and walked away. Came back a couple of hours later and on the web page it was showing it was still ‘running’ but when I looked in Docker the SongKong process was stopped. Maybe use a web icon like handbrake? It uses a green open lock icon letting the user process is connected to a running process and a red closed lock letting the user know it is no longer connected to a running process
    –I am speculating here but there was an issue with 1 of my songs as it appeared to be mislabeled with a wrong extension(??). When I attempted to play the song in my music player it would not play. It appeared to be a proper size for an .mp3 as it was 28 megs in size but I deleted it anyways
    –There was 3 songs that were malformed. They were less than 1 meg in size and they should have been much larger. I also deleted those songs as I already had then in another folder and they appear to be of the proper size (several megs each)
    –Once I removed/replaced those 4 songs I haven’t had SongKon crash in the 4 times I ran it after that.

  2. Under Format: Un-Picking Add EP, Add Audio format, or Add [HD] doesn’t seem to provide a benefit. I haven’t tried Use original or Use Year to see if it applies as well.
    –What do I mean by my statement? First time I ran SongKong using Romanize, Add EP, Add Audio, and Add [HD]. I did not like the results; I did not like how I now had folders broken up between MP3, FLAC, etc… and I did not like how my HD label songs were now seperated from none HD songs.
    –There was some changes I liked so I thought if I unselect ADD [HD} and Add Audio formation and click on start at a minimum it would remove/restore all songs IT changes to the prior state. I was hopnig it would remove ANY files that no longer met that requirement I.E. If it had Audio Format in the title it would get removed. It don’t… After several tries/changing various options it appears SongKong is more then happy to ADD stuff using the Fix option but DOES NOT remove anything when options are not set. Even stuff it added it will not remove it.

thanks, that is useful to know, if you have those files in recycle bin and could email them to that would be useful.

Most of these options are not enabled by defaults so its not expected that most people will use them. So usually people have HD versions of albums and non-HD versions and so that option makes it easier to distinguish between them. Likewise customers may have a MP3 version and a Wav version of the same album and this option helps separate them, if you dont want to separate them its not for you.

If for example you have the option Add [HD] to album title option this will be appended to the album name when the ALBUM field is set. If you then have it disabled it will then not add to the album name when the ALBUM field is set.

If this is not happening it must because of another option you have set. Maybe on the Basic tab you have set For songs already fully matched to Ignore, or maybe on the Basic tab you have added Album to Never modify or add these fields or Only modify these fields if empty.

If you cannot see the problem run Create Support Files and I will be able to work out the problem.

First to your question/statements:

Sorry I don’t have those files.

Second: I’ll have to recreate the situation in order to test that out.


Here is my final notes for build prior. My original plan was to review the error logs to try and fix any issue SongKong had found before running your new released build but is no longer possible as it appears my logs are somehow gone

So… I had started reviewing report under the Errors and Warning and some of the errors reported isn’t very helpful. For example:

Warning:File new name clashed, renamed again from /music/Bon Jovi/01 - Livin’ on a Prayer (1).flac to /music/Bon Jovi/01 - Livin’ on a Prayer (1)(1).flac

So instead of creating (1)(1) shouldn’t it have incremented to (2) or whatever the next number was available? Since SongKong was the program that added (1) in the first place?


“No mime type found for cover art for Bomber (Flac), cover art created as folder.none - requires renaming”

Couldn’t this reported error report what folder it found this error/bad file?

I believe I found that file it was referencing. In my original folder there was a file called folder…mkv and in the SongKong modified folder there was 2 files labeled as:
folder.jpg and another file called folder…none. What I think happened is SongKong download folder.jpg as the album image then tried to rename/reuse folder…mkv to folder…none but didn’t know what to do with this file. My suggestion would have been to delete as it was an invalid file. But I am going to assume because I had the following option set: “yes, but do not overwrite existing artwork selected?” it couldn’t do anything with the file???

Something has happened to my old reports from the prior build. I has reviewing them on Sun 17th Jan and they were there but when I went to look at them again today (there should have been around 15 of them) they were all gone. Is there a cleanup process removing all old reports for a giving time period? I have not activated any of the admin functions under the admin tab yet. and I didn’t see an option to set auto cleanup time frame.

So instead of fixing errors as I no longer had my logs I decided to give SongKong another run to see what would happen…

Here is my setup encase it helps provide any insight.

Used the original modified SongKong directory/files. I had to fix file folder structure using a program called beets to the format I like. As I mentioned above issue’s and experiences that I didn’t like.
Copied over another 45 main folders to my testing folder consisting of over 6k files that had already been setup by beets but never touched by SongKong.

And here is the results from 3 runs…

version 6.12

  1. First run: Fix songs preview mode
    Apparently SongKong is resource hungry as it froze/seized up. I had another process that was running using between 50 to 60% of my core throughput (8 Core processor) and 40% memory. After starting SongKong cores popped to 100% and memory usage slowly climbed to 97% usage (16GB). Once memory reached this point the Kong became unresponsive even after I paused then eventually stopped the other running process; I had no issue manipulating the other application that is also web based. I was forced to kill kongs docker process.

  2. Second run (only application running in docker): Fix Songs preview mode completed for the most part which took almost 19 mins…and the results:
    Fix songs:

-Summary page

“12,568 songs checked against MusicBrainz and Discogs before task cancelled by SongKong because of unreported error”
So 12,568 out of 13,180 (loaded songs) were processed; which means around 600 songs weren’t processed due to an unreported error? Can’t it report the last thing it did before unreported error or in some fashion finish processing remaining files? Why do I have to keep running it over and over to figure out what is causing this ‘unreported error’ to complete all songs that it can run against?

  • “1 mp3s have had their ID3 tag converted to ID3v23”
    –how is 1 file change plural? mp3s?
    –this line states it would be converted to IDv23. Is this a bug as I have V24 set under MP3 Metatag Version so nothing should be down converted
  1. Third run: Fix Songs; changed only 2 options from what was in preview mode. Rename files based on metadata from “Yes if has metadata” to “Yes, for all files” and unchecked Preview only.
    -Let it run for 3 1/2 hours before I realized it had crashed/stopped working which apparently crashed sometime around the 2 to 2 1/2 hour marked but you couldn’t tell from my screenshot as the processing bar kept moving back and forth.

what was accomplished before crash:

-Why does Fix songs put/create a file called Folder.jpg in the base/home directory (I.E. /music)? There is 0 music files in this folder as all songs are in subfolders of the directory. I could understand why if there was at least 1 music file but there is none. It also seems to randomly pick a picture to put here every time it is ran.

-If song moved to another folder move with the option Everything doesn’t appear to be working correctly.
There was several folders with a orphaned files an example artist.nfo that wasn’t moved out.
–either there is an exclusion list (there shouldn’t be any)
–it isn’t checking permissions
–or some other issue going on
–example folder is in orange. Weird Al old folder had only 1 file in it that was not moved.

Now with this image. Ever folder between [unknown] and Whitesnake is what Kong was working with. Everything after Whitesnake SongKong created (starting with the red circled folder.jpg) before it crashed. As I had already stated earlier in this thread why is Kong creating folders that already exist? (blue circled). Why do I have to go back manually to fix/correct what Kong created?

Now I am going to try and determine what or why Song stopped working this weekend (if I have the time).

Okay, it would be easier for me to answer your questions if they were split into separate posts, and your posts are very wordy making it quite difficult to work out real problems rather than minor observances, but here we go.


I did explain this, so I dont know why you just didnt take my advice and make changes to SongKong rather than introducing another program.

Docker Resource
Im not sure what you are running on but dockers run in virtual machines with virtual memory and resource. Songkong is quite resource hungry because it is usually used on large libraries unattended, and customers usually want it to complete as soon as possible. I would not advise running it whilst running another docker process at the same time because then they are competing for resource and your total memory allocated may be greater than your actual memory which is really going to hit performance.

Are the music files on the docker machine or on a remote drive, if they are on a remote drive that is going to have quite an impact on performance especially if you have SongKong configured to rename files.

Error Messages

If the original name was 01 - Livin’ on a Prayer.flac then SongKong would increment count and add (n) to filename once unique name found, but if the filewas already 01 - Livin’ on a Prayer(1).flac because of previous run then the unique number has to be written to the end of that.

Probably best thing is to consider running Delete Duplicates to remove the duplicate files

Yes, I suppose so.


Perhaps you ran Admin/Delete Reports , but probably you have not configured your docker SongKong folder to a real folder and have restarted SongKong container, see On Docker why do I lose my license when I update SongKong?

Unexpected Error Issue

When processing SongKong moves through a number of pipelines, when SongKong has completed it does some checks to ensure all files were processed to completion by essentially comparing songs loaded count to songs completed count. If they are not the same then it reports unreported error, meaning the counts dont match we dont know what has got wrong but something has. Can you send support files because the logs contain more information on this.

Don’t know.

Remember when moving files you are moving files not folders, it tries to move everything (except for Thumbs.db) but it cannot move a file if it doesn’t have permission. Once it moves the last audio file from a folder it will then try and delete the old folder, which it can only do if it is empty.

“I did explain this, so I dont know why you just didnt take my advice and make changes to SongKong rather than introducing another program.”

Let me clarify; before running songkong the first time I thought I had copied the folders I wanted to test against. What I actually did was I moved the folders to my test folder. I did not realize this until I had ran songkong several times against those files. I do not want to lose those files so I used beets to restore them back.

Since you have asked that I break out the issue’s into separate threads I will do so. As it has been a long day I don’t know if I’ll post all the issue’s I encountered in a single day.

I like what SongKong is trying to do and the easy of use when it functions…