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Issue with tagging reverting

Songkong is showing issues at me.
Basically I for example change all the Album artists with auto edit.
When I then go to manual edit, I can see the album artists having changed.
If I refresh however I can see the album artists being reverted to their previous value one by one.
I have no idea why this is happening

Additional context, its AIFF files … the software has full permissions on the folders

Edit2: Ok to be even more precise… this only happens at Album Artist and Album Genre metadata… none of the other tags have this issue

To be even more clear… lets say I use auto edit to change the genre of all songs to Powermetal.
When I first look, everything has changed to Powermetal… but when I look 2 seconds later it looks like in the image… and it keeps changing all of them back.

Please run Create Support Files

Support files have been sent over

okay, well I can see you ran AutoEdit (report 75) on some folders and modified the Genre


and then you ran Manual Edit and when the changes were saved it was still PowerMetal

for all files

I cant account for why the display would change, all I have noticed is firstly you arre using the docker version I dont know if that is relevent, 2. you were refreshing the display maybe that confused things further.

So I don’t currenlty have an answer for you, but it seems nothing was actually changed back for Manual Edit.

Ok weird… because if im looking at the genre’s of those songs now… they are all back to “Heavy Metal;Melodic Death Metal;Metalcore;Rock” instead of the Powermetal I changed them to.
For some reason after a second or so, it just turns back to the old genre instead of holding on the the genre sonkong gave it :S

Anybody else seen this ?