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Issue with "album artist" field in compilation

Hi Paul,
In some conditions, the “albumartist” is populated with a bunch of names, causing issues in the renaming process.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I’m launching a SongKong batch on a 60-tracks release: French Touch Vol. 2 : Electronic Music Made In France (House, Deep House, Techno, Trip-Hop…)
  2. My rename mask starts with:
    ifnotempty2(albumartist,"Various Artists",'/')
  3. The release is not recognized to MusicBrainz or Discogs
    45 tracks out of 60 are matched and 15 are not.
  4. SongKong produces errors, starting with:
May 16, 2021, 3:59:55 PM

Unable to rename all files in this grouping so keeping original filenames, consider changing renaming mask or options on the file naming tab

New filename E:\Musique\À trier#2b Compilations\Multi-interprètes-Yuksek-General Elektriks-Guts-Wax Tailor-Chinese Man-Alex Gopher-Martin Solveig-Etienne de Crécy-Julien Delfaud-Bob Sinclar-Franck Roger-DJ Gregory-Africanism-The Hacker-Vitalic-Superfunk-Julien Jabre-David Duriez-St Germain-The Toxic A\French Tou\lke-Alan Braxe-Kid Loco-The Mighty Bop-La Funk Mob-Joachim Pastor-Worakls-Tom Pooks-Limbo Experience-Almeidinha Do El Gringo-Avril-Shazz-NTO-Visitor-Scratch Bandits Crew-Llorca-La Fine Equipe-Fakear-Jean Tonique-Bleu Toucan-Crayon-Anoraak - Our Kinds.mp3 for E:\Musique\À trier#2b Compilations\Multi-interprètes - French Touch Vol. 2 _ Electronic Music Made In France (House, Deep House, Techno, Trip-Hop…)\01 - Last of our Kinds (feat. Oh Land).mp3 was too long at 557 characters and could not be shortened enough for your options

  1. In the report Excel spreadshit, AlbumArtist is populated with:
    Multi-interprètes/Yuksek/General Elektriks/Guts/Wax Tailor/Chinese Man/Alex Gopher/Martin Solveig/Etienne de Crécy/Julien Delfaud/Bob Sinclar/Franck Roger/DJ Gregory/Africanism/The Hacker/Vitalic/Superfunk/Julien Jabre/David Duriez/St Germain/The Toxic Avenger/Kazy Lambist/Acid Washed/L'Impératrice/Catcat/Clem Beatz/Else/Sébastien Tellier/20Syl/Møme/Jupiter/Thylacine/Myd/Brodinski/Club cheval/Surkin/Teenage Bad Girl/Agoria/Lifelike/Laurent Garnier/Deluxe/Bart&Baker/Fred Falke/Alan Braxe/Kid Loco/The Mighty Bop/La Funk Mob/Joachim Pastor/Worakls/Tom Pooks/Limbo Experience/Almeidinha Do El Gringo/Avril/Shazz/NTO/Visitor/Scratch Bandits Crew/Llorca/La Fine Equipe/Fakear/Jean Tonique/Bleu Toucan/Crayon/Anoraak

As a workaround, I could code a specific function to truncate long chains, however I’m not sure that such a long value goes along with the expected behavior.

Thanks for your help

There is already a substring function you can use to shorten this in the filename

but you are right albumArtist should not be this long to start with, I think if matched to MusicBrainz/Discogs it would not be because there are limits in place. It would be helpful if you run Create Support Files so I can see exactly the steps that have led to this.

Can you send the support files please.

Hi Paul,
Done tonight. Let me know if I need to restart from the beginning.

Hard to say for sure but probably not. if you just simply send support files I can check whet we have.

Hi, thankyou for the support files, having looked at them I noticed two things:

  1. Songs only matched MusicBrainz Song Only
  2. Although Album Artist has a value Album Artists does not

Usually when only matched MusicBrainz Song Only album fields are modified, there are cases when they can be, but then if that is the case Album Artists should be modified as well.

So, its my feeling that this Album Artist data already existed and was not added by SongKong, and because the French Touch Vol. 2 : Electronic Music Made In France album is not in MusicBrainz it could not be replaced with a better value.

You could prove my hypothesis by removing the Album Artist metadata and seeing if it gets re-added by SongKong. I dont think it will be but if it is the next stage would be to send me the music files so I can replicate it for myself,

Just to let you know: sorry for the delay, I had no time to work on this lately. Hope to work on this by Sunday.

Any luck with this ?