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Increasing max memory available to SongKong on Windows

Usually SongKong can run with arbitarily large music collections with the default memory settings.

If you are using an earlier version than SongKong 6.10 see Increasing max memory available to SongKong 6.9 and earlier on Windows

From SongKong 6.10 onwards by default SongKong on Windows is allowed to use upto 75% of system memory, but rarely actually uses significant amounts. Setting to a high amount by default helps users who have very large collections that sometimes have addtional memory requirements and can speed up processing since memory tidying up does not have to occur so often. But usually SongKong will run fine with max memory of 800mb so you can reduce the max memory seting if neccessary.

On Windows SongKong comes with three executables

  • SongKong.exe
  • SongKongGui.exe
  • SongKongRemote.exe

and if you installed SongKong in the default location each has a corresponding configuration file in C:\Program Files\Jthink\SongKong\app

  • SongKong.cfg
  • SongKongGui.cfg
  • SongKongRemote.cfg

So you can modify the memory settings per exe.

The usual executable to use is SongKongGui.exe so if you would like to decrease (or increase) the maximum memory it uses steps are as follows:

Because the file to be modified is stored under C:/Program Files you will not be able to save changes to it unless you configure shortcut to your editing program (e.g Notepad) to Run as Administrator

  • Now open C:\Program Files\Jthink\SongKong\app/SongKongGui.cfg with the editor

  • Go to the end of file

  • Adjust the line that says:

    to set correct mamx memory as percentage

    i…e to use a maximum of 25% of system memory set to java-options=-XX:MaxRAMPercentage=25.0

You can check current and max memory allowed by looking at the SongKong status bar at the bottom right of the SongKong window