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Increasing max memory available to SongKong 6.9 and earlier on Windows

Usually SongKong can run with arbitarily large music collections with the default memory settings. However some customers may occasionally hit OutOfMemoryException, also SongKong releases memory no longer required using a process called GarbageCollection, if you allocate a larger max memory level then the garbage collection can be done less often, and hence SongKong will run slightly faster.

  • Because the file to be modified is stored under C:/Program Files you will not be able to save changes to it unless you configure shortcut to your editing program (e.g Notepad) to Run as Administrator

  • Now open C:/Program Files/Jthink/SongKong/SongKong64.ini with the editor

  • Modify the line that says:




    Where x is the amount to use as heap memory in MB, I would not recommend setting to higher than half your total memory, so to set it to 16GB set it as follows:


    and that will set the heap size to about that value

  • You can check by looking at the status bar at the bottom right of the SongKong window