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Incorrect data returned by fix function

Hello I’ve been using the software for bit and really love the software for organizing my vast library and specifically saving one release per album. I now have embarked on the enormous task of reorganizing my entire library and have found that songkong often comes back with incorrect release info. I assume this is because it may be impossible for the software (or any) to match to every discogs or musicbrainz release. It has become frustrating that I often have to resort to retagging in Jaikoz which defeats the purpose of songkong. Any help with this would be appreciated. Here is an example of the mismatches.

these are all vinyl releasees and they come back incorrectly

That link points to your local machine it doesnt work for me, but simply run Create Support Files instead and then I can take a look.

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Hi, havent received anything yet, without the support files I cannot help.

I have done the Support function

Hi, I have received the support files, but since it processed 287,450 songs you need to narrow down the problem for me, where is it going wrong?

I don’t know how to only send the 3 album test I did…can you enlighten me thanks!

I just meant give me details of what albums were wrong, sorry I was looking at FixSongsReport00633.

Okay so looking at FixSongsReport00635 you have three versions of a Jimi Hendrik album ElectricLadyland. And in all three cases it has matched to a version of ElectricLadyland, but not the version you have, the tracks are matched okay but for some reason it seems to be preferring 50th anniversary edition rather than the version you have.

Although I did notice you have Preferred Release Date set to No Preference, may get better results if set to to Earliest Release Date, worth a try.

You can also use Match to One Release to manually match individual albums where not happy with results, no need to use Jaikoz.

Unfortunately the logs files are empty so I cannot see the processing done, did you run Empty Log Files before you ran Create Support Files?

Maybe easiest would be if you email one of the three albums and I can test it out myself, that is probably easier than asking you to repeat tests, what do you think ?

I’ve resent the support files. I did Empty Log Files and set to earliest release. I’m unable to send the files. thanks!

Hi, please don’t run Empty Log Files that removes all the evidence!

If you dont need the reports and want to make the support files smaller you could do the following.

  • Delete Reports
  • Run Fix Songs
  • Create Support FIles

sent thanks again Paul!

Hmm , I dont know what going on here, the logs files are still empty. So I dont know if you forgot to rerun Fix Songs after emptying the log files or if there is a bug in CreateSupportFiles ?

Also, whilst we resolve that please run Match to One Album on one of the three albums and post screenshot showing the potential mating albums it returns.

not sure if it worked but matched to one album and sent. the results did not contain the correct results. this is the release it should have matched. I used both musicbrains and discogs match and both results did not have the proper release in the lists.

Ah, is the release not on MusicBrainz?

yes it’s not on Musicbrainz, but Songkong does not match when selectiong discogs alone either.

Oh okay, thanks.

Noticed one thing that doesnt help, your original trackno is stored as A1 rather than 1 or 01. SongKong and most software expect Track No to be stored as a number, in fact for any format that uses ID3 it has to be an number, as it does mp4.

I know on the record it is A1, B1 etc but TrackNo field should be a number, if you manually change it to the correct track no values and retry what do you get?

I’ve changed the metadata and the file names and sent report

(scratch that I was incorrect) I will try a different album and send the results.

this release kicked back these results. the tags seem ok.