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If a song is unmatched, are the masks applied to it?

It seems to be the case that if an album doesn’t find a match in Musicbrainz or Discog, that album is dumped, as is, into Unmatched Songs, without being processed through the filename masks. At least that’s how I think it works; please tell me if I’ve got this wrong.

I have albums with two characteristics:

  1. There’s plenty of tag data that the filename masks could use
  2. There’s no match on the album from Musicbrainz or Discog.

These albums appear to go straight into Unmatched Songs without having their file names changed. I think I could do a lot with them by having the filename masks look at the tags that already exist in the files and placing and naming the files accordingly.

Is there an option that says “if this album doesn’t have a Musicbrainz or Discog match, process it through the maks anyway”? Or am I overlooking something?

In the “Fix Songs” window, under “Basic”, select the option “Rename files based on metadata” and here “Yes, for all files”.
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Yes that is correct, but be warned if you do enable this option and you have files non-existent metadata this can lead to the file being renamed to a worse name then it originally had, the Yes if has metadata is a safer option to use.