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I am not understanding some of the warnings this run generated

I am not understanding some of the warnings this run generated. Am I going to have to deal with some song/albums as a special case? For example:

Warning:Unable to rename songs because some songs in this grouping would end up with duplicate name /music/Lamb of God/VII- Sturm und Drang (2015)/CD 02/Lamb of God - VII- Sturm und Drang - 01 - Still Echoes.flac:Lamb of God/VII Sturm und Drang/01 - Still Echoes.flac

Both CDs are the same song with 1 difference
CD01 contains the vocals
CD02 does not contain vocals

am I going to need to setup songkong differently in getting it to move/label the songs into the same subfolder? I.E. VII-Sturm und Drang

You are using a rename mask that doesn’t put mulitidisc albums into separate subfolders and doesnt include discno in filename and so therefore because each disc has duplicate filenames SongKong cannot put songs from both discs into same folder without adding (1) to half the songs. So instead it just warns you and doesn’t rename them, so you can either rename them yourself or use a rename mask that considers discno somewhere in the file path (either subfolder or filename) so you don’t get duplicate filenames.