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How to get rid of multiple album folders with (1) (2) etc?

Hi Paul,

I am trying to de-duplicate my collection and have persistant issues with files from the same album being sorted into folders with (1) and (2) even when they are not duplicates. For most of my albums, things are sorted just fine, but about 5-10% have this mis-sorting issue consistently. I have sent you support files with my detailed workflow in the description.


  1. Fix all songs
  2. de-duplicate using metadata (works well)
  3. Fix again to collate into common album folders

I am unable to have some files end up in the same album folder, despite them being correctly tagged and assigned to the same release. THis results in a situation where tracks 1-7 and 9-11 are in Artist/Album and track 8 is in Artist/Album (1) etc. How to fix this?

Thank you!

Hmm, okay I can see what you mean, I’m sorry it shouldn’t do this but I cannot see why it is doing it. I am planning to separate Rename Files into a separate task from Fix Songs and this will make it easier to resolve issues like this.

All I would say is in hindsight it would probably have been better if the first time you ran Fix Songs you had rename disabled, then run Delete Duplicates, and then run Fix Songs again with rename now enabled.

Thanks, Paul. Too bad there is no way to fix this at this moment. I will leave things as they are and revisit fixing my collection after you update songkong a couple more times.

In any case, your software has saved me countless hours already, and I am grateful.


Well of course if you just manually move the files for split albums into a single folder that will resolve it, and since there are not that many that is what I would do rather than wait for SongKong to resolve it.