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How To Display More than 1 disc

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I just ran SongKong against a 3 disc set , I can see disc 1 but how do I move on to disc 2 & 3\

Probably a dumb question

SongKong is release based rather than disc based, but you always select music to match by folder. So I assume you have selected /path/album/disc1 and now wondering how to do disc2 ?

If you just select /path/album then it will process in one go

If you are still unsure please select Create Support Files - this will upload your latest reports and log files so I can see exactly what you have done.

BTW just moved your question into the SongKong Issues category

its a folder with 3 subfolders CD1, CD2, CD3 I scanned the top folder hence all 3 discs, the report shows the correct no of files for all 3 discs

So hasn’t it done it then (I dont understand the problem) ?

Would help if you could take a second to run Create Support FIles

Thanks for the support files, so I assume you are taking about Beatles - Abbey Road (Deluxe Version)

SongKong works on releases rather than discs, so it identified your spread over 3 folders and matched them to . This is a digital release and doesn’t contain three CD’s just 40 tracks, that is why you can only see 1 CD.

There are a couple of other versions of this album also containing forty tracks:

but split over three media (equivalent to discs) even though digital media. So maybe that would have been a slightly better match for you, matching multidiscs to multidiscs is harder than than to a single disc album, its possible there is a little bug preventing the match, bit hard to say.

Your options at the present time are:

  1. Accept it as one disc release, after all the three CD split is really just an enforced split because of physical limits of CD’s

  2. Use Manual Edit in SongKong, modifying DiscNo, Disc Total, Track No, Track Total

  1. Match to specified release using Jaikoz

Got it , thanks for the effort

I scrapped the subfolders and put all files into the main folder now I see 40 !!

the joy of multi releases :grinning:

Case Closed , Thanks Again

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