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Getting BatchUpdateExceptionTable/View ‘RELEASEGROUP’ does not exist’

I have just upgraded Jaikoz and now getting Unable to Start Jaikoz: ‘java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Table/View ‘ARTWORK does not exist or java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Table/View ‘RELEASEGROUP’ does not exist


Sometimes when upgrading from an older version of Jaikoz to a new version with a different database the database doesn’t get updated correctly. If you hit this problem you just need to remove the database, the database is only there for performance/caching reasons it does not store anything information not held in the songs themselves or available from the MusicBrainz webservice.

From Finder, hold down Option Button and select Go menu
Select Library from the list
Got to Preferences : Jaikoz folder
Delete jaikozdb folder
Start Jaikoz

Go to C:\Users\username\Jaikoz
Delete jaikozdb folder
Start Jaikoz

Go to $HOME/.jaikoz/Prefs
Delete jaikozdb folder
Start Jaikoz