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Genre Display as Numbers

SongKong tag some album Genre display as Number in JRiver but Jaikoz doesn’t have this issue.

This is the Result Tag By SongKong

After Retag using Jaikoz

After tagging with SongKong if you just load the files in Jaikoz does it show number or text for genre ?
What ID3 version are the files ID3v23 or ID3v24 (Version column in Jaikoz) ?

After tagging with SongKong if you just load the files in Jaikoz does it show number or text for genre ? Text
What ID3 version are the files ID3v23 or ID3v24 ( Version column in Jaikoz) ? ID3V23

So that shows that although it may be writing numbers that SongKong seems to be writing them in the correct way so they can be mapped to right value.

I wonder if there is an issue with JRiver ?

Try rerunning Fix Songs on the files in SongKong after modifying Mp3 Metatag Version to V24 to see if JRiver is okay with that.

If not please email one such audio file.

Ive try by change the MP3 Metatag Version to v.24 as request.
Ive also try to force Rematch using SongKong alone but it didnt change the Genre which it display as numbers.

Ive send a support Report on this.

Please email one of the offending music files so I can check it.

Hi, okay I have found the issue, on the Save tab there should be an advanced option called Save songs so they work best with iTunes

but there isn’t because of a bug

Enabling this option does two things

  1. Save genres as text
  2. Doesn’t set Album Artist to Various Artist because iTunes provide own internationlized value in such cases.

Workaround is to start Remote Mode once, because the web ui does have the option and enable the option and start Fix Songs, then it will be saved to profile and no longer need to use remote mode.

I have fixed the bug and will add to new release, but it will be a few weeks before released.

This is now fixed in SongKong 8.0 SongKong 8.0 released 22nd November 2021

Hi there today i try to tag an album and the Genres display as number still exist.
Im using SongKong for Unraid ver 8.0 now and seems the issue still exist.
I donno how to run SongKong in Remote Mode as i launch SongKong from the Docker.

If using Docker that is remote mode, remote mode means web interface.

Have you enabled the Save Songs so they work best on iTunes option on the Save tab ?

Hi Paul,

Ok to enable save song that work best on iTune need to enable Advance Option at the bottom.
By default it is Hide Advance the option won’t show.
Ok i just enable the option already.
Tested on an album seems ok.
I try retag the wrongly tag album it wont auto correct it, Ive manually update the Genre from Jriver Media Centre.

Retagging probably doesn’t work because you dont have Genre set to Always replace values, see the Genres tab

Checked your support files you sent and I can confirm you have Genre set to Replace if Empty so will not modify existing values

I’ve Tag and Album call 雪狼湖 [HD] its was 2 album but SongKong create with multiple folder again base on Artist name Keith Chan, Vince Huang, Zhe-Xuan Pan, Benjamin Lin, Dick Lee and Kori Ku.
No the same album turn into 6 folder.
Kindly help me to resolve this.

Hi, okay unfortunately this is a side effect of the Save to work with Itunes option when matching various artists albums and not actually using iTunes.

This album is a various artist album and for iTunes compatiblity we dont sent the album artist (its get unset see screenshot). Because the album artist is not set the rename mask will use the artist field instead of albumartist field and this leads to the folder being broken up

Now, what you can do is use a different mask for the Filenaming:Compilation rename mask, one that doesn’t default to using Artist if Album artist is blank, instead use Various Artist if album artist is blank, for example use the AlbumArtistorVariousArtist/Album/Artist-Album-TrackNo-Title mask

But I want to recheck iTunes to see if still correct to blank, and if it is I may seperate the option so you can just have text genres as I can see it is confusing.