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From discogs Performer missing

for some time now i have been seeing several bugs when i import performer and composer from discogs into jaikoz 11.5.1., used when no data in musicbrainz.

a) I see many examples where the pianist is missing. (actually always)

b) for some tracks only single performers instead of additional performers

c) not all performer imported (dificult to dedect) (Missing Sharel Cassity on Essence by Michel Camilo)

same behavior in songkong lite.

Hi, thanks for this

a) There is nothing in Discogs database to distinguish between a Performer (i,e piano) and other non music l roles such as Photography, but we only want musical performers in the Performer field so we have a list of instruments to compare with to decide if performance role. Unfortunately for some reason the Piano role is missing, will ensure fixed for next releases

b) for some tracks only single performers instead of additional performers
So here on tracks 7,8 and 9 the Trombonist is credited and I think for some reason this is preventing the other artists being credited when in fact the four other performers should be on each track, I will look into this in more detail later.

c)Would be useful if you show results in Jaikoz/SongKong

Hi Paul
c) see last picture. Imported 16 performers, in discogs 18
Pianist and Sharel Cassity missing

maybe the problem is
Barcode (Text): 4 547366 396485 with Sharel
Barcode: 1 92641 06466 1 without Sharel

Hi, so we know why Pianist is missing, and yes Discogs has two versions of the album (4 547366 396485) (192641064661)

and only the first has the Sheryl Cassity credit so I guess the songs were matched to the other album although I cannot see which one from screenshot, so no issue with the applications here apart from the piano issue we have already covered.

Both Jaikoz


and SongKong

allow you to force a match to a particular release.

In SongKong Lite could you please run Create Support Files so I can check results and settings.

b) fixed for SongKong -

a) fixed for both Jaikoz and SongKong

b) fixed for Jaikoz -

So should all be working for next releases of both Jaikoz and SongKong

Thank you
Does it mean the track performer will not be imported, but only the release performer will be added?

No, that’s is what is currently happening. But now fixed so now will add both.

Now fixed in SongKong 10.5

I am abroad and will test as soon as possible, thank you

works perfect with songkong 10.5 lite

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