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Fixing songs and ignoring (general) compilation albums

Is it possible to let Songkong ignore compilation albums and choose the original release - in any format - when updating the metadata? I noticed that sometimes Songkong doesn’t pick the original release (that could be found on Discogs) but selects a compilation album instead (something like Greatest hits 90s for example). I have the same problem with music from the 50s or 60s.

Is there a way to prevent that? And in my case also a way to refix that? I have a feeling that sometimes it also triggers that choice because of the existing album name in the metadata.

So SongKong tries to group songs based on existing metadata and folder structure, so essentially in the first instance it will try to match all songs in a folder to one album, if that doesn’t work it may group based on metadata such as albumartist/album and rematch each group, if that doesn’t work it wil just do song only matching, i.e updating title but not album.

So if your songs are actually from compilations then it is most likely to rematch to compilations. If they are not but you have existing metadata that indicates they are then you need to remove metadata/reorgnize folder structure so they are not biased towards compilations and then then SongKong should prefer original album and only use compilations if cannot find original album match.

Also note, by default For songs already Matched is set to [i]Update Metadata and Filename Only[/] so in order to rematch already matched songs you need to temporarily set this to Rematch

It would help me if you could run Create Support File then I would have better understanding of you situation and it wil be easier to help you further.