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Fix Songs takes too much time

Dear Paul, I am using the latest version (updated from the older one but I do not remember, I was far from pc but it was 6 months ago) of the songkong but fixing songs takes too much time compared to older version. I have noticed that cpu usage was decreased significantly compared to older one but it took 4 minutes 33 seconds to fix 28 songs. Stucked at fingerprinting process.

PS: support files created

Hi, okay I have looked at your logs and I can see a period of about four minutes after the actual Save starts where nothing is written to the logs, but the logs give me no more information.

Can you try the following for me on a different folder please

  1. Go to Preferences and set Debug Log Level to Finest
  2. Start Fix Songs but enable Preview Only on the Basic tab
  3. Repeat on same files with Preview only disabled

The purpose of this is to get more debugging, and see if the delay is caused by the actual saving of the files.

Hi @usavaci you never got back to me, but did you resolve this ?

Dear Paul, thank you for your follow up message. Sorry but I was away for a while. But then after getting the latest update I have never experienced that kind of issue. Everything works fine right now

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