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Finding correct metadata for Hybrid SACD releases


I wonder whether finding the correct metadata for Hybrid SACDs could be improved. I‘m fine with directing Jaikoz to the correct MB release, but I‘d like Jaikoz to select the correct layer at least. So far, Jaikoz has always selected the CD instead of the SACD layer. Maybe Jaikoz could decide the correct layer based on the file format and the number of channels to further distinguish between SACD stereo and multichannel layers.

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Hi, sorry I don’t understand the premise of the question.

Jaikoz doesn’t write directly to a CD or SuperCD it writes to music files (mp4, wav, mp3) that may have been ripped from a CD or SuperCD, so there is no opportunity for it to select the right or wrong layer.

Sorry, I’m not a native so maybe it’s not well described…

I am trying to tag my files that I achieved from ripping my SACDs. For example, Pink Floyds - Dark Side of the Moon reissued by Analogue Productions as a Multichannel SACD:

As you can see, this release has 3 layers on MusicBrainz. I don’t expect Jaikoz to find the correct release on MusicBrainz by itself because I don’t think that an Accoustic ID can be generated for dsf-files, resulting from ripping the SACD. However, even though I use the function “Match Songs to specified MusicBrainz Album” in Jaikoz for that release and the match is succesful, Jaikoz always matches to the CD layer provided on MB instead of the SACD (stereo) layer, or if it fits to the SACD (multichannel) layer. What I’m asking for is, that Jaikoz detects that the file contains DSD and, therofore, matches to the corresponding SACD layers (stereo or multichannel).

Hopefully, that helps!

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It is the same for releases, for example, cd + dvd (or cd + blu ray) where the same tracks are present in different formats (standard and high resolution)

In these cases, for the correct match, I have to manually put the “MB Track” field in every single song.
It could be useful, when combining the album to a specific musicbrainz release, that it also accepts the disc part as input

Hi,thanks I understand now. Now actually you can have fingerprints for dsf files but fthis release there are only fingerprints associated with the first layer and not the second or third layer


so if the acoustids match it has a better match to tracks on first layer than the other layers, and also because it is the first layer it will get checked first.

So maybe the solution here is to submit acoustids for the other two layers epecially if they sound different.

Whereas here tracks on every layer have the same fingerprint, this seems might be wrong.

Your solution of allowing user to pick disc would work, your particular use case is rather niche but allowing to select disc number would be useful when trying to match one disc to a disc on a boxset so its worth consideration.

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