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Files loaded to Import_CD folder visible through Finder (Mac) + Songkong but not Melco iPad app


I have a Melco N1A/2 which has been updated to EX spec. Songkong is running at 7.3.1.

Since it was upgraded to EX level I can load a CD to Import_CD folder (in this case Allison Moorer - Show) and can see it in both Finder and Songkong. (See screen captures.) However although Songkong processes the CD with “Fix CD” it does not appear in the Melco iPad app for playback. I’m posting here but wondering if I don’t understand how MinimServer works and need to contact Melco direct. But just checking here first in case it is something obvious I need to set in my Songkong FixSongs parameters.


Hi, this is because MinimServer has to be index updated, we cannot do it directly from SongKong because of a limitation with MinimServer, please see Update MinimServer after fixing with SongKong for details.

Thanks Paul for the very quick and accurate answer. Now sorted.