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Field update error with arranger field

I noticed this error with the 8.1 version (maybe it was also present with the previous ones).

I have this release in musicbrainz:

under “arranger” I find “Alter Bridge” while under “strings arranger” I find “David Richard Campbell”

when launching the update, songkong modifies the “arranger” tag in this way, eliminating “Alter Bridge”

This is wrong. If it really had to eliminate one, it had to remove “David Richard Campbell”

When updating from MusicBrainz if we find data for a particular field we remove the existing data for that field and then add the new data. The issue in this case is we only use link type of Arranger not Instrument Arranger when looking at recording arranger relationships so that is why the strings arranger goes missing

I have raised

although I’m currently unclear if users would want to see all type of arrangers in the arranger field or not, so would welcome some input.

But why did it discard “Alter Bridge” considering that in Musicbrainz it is only “Arranger”?

Sorry you are right i missed that, okay there is some issue with the sql used to build the recording arranger table, I think it may just pick (randomly) one arranger for a particular recording, will look in more detail later.

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I would always prefer to have the maximum detail of an artist role. But that’s my opinion …

The problem is the Arranger field would just add them both, and there would be nothing to indicate that one is an arranger and one a strings arranger, we could add (strings) after the name of one maybe, but then the arranger field is no longer a list of people but a list of people with a role (but only sometimes which is very inconsistent).

Basically the metadata fields of a music file are not as flexible as the MusicBrainz database itself, may I ask in what way do you actually make use of the arranger field in your music files (where do you display it) ?

Mainly in Roon and a few times on Jriver

Okay the reason it is missing is because arranger relations can be at recording and work level, and we check vocal arranger and instruments arranger at recording and work level, but only checked arranger at work level. So Alter Bridge was missed because this was of type arranger at recording level.

So the fix will add both, but not detail the string part. That wouldn’t work for Roon anyway because Roon expects the the field to contain a person, not person and role that would break the link to person.

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Fixed by will take effect when we update albunack server, this should happen soon.

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Should now be fixed.