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Fetching wrong ISRC

A few tracks that after fetched with SongKong get a wrong ISRC (and artist+title names sometimes altered).

Who to blame?
And how to avoid?
Link to 5 examples (unprocessed):

SongKong v6.1.1 Floodland Pro (the releases after that never end fixing songs/processing on my Windows 10 20H2 PC).

Addressing the SongKongv6.1.1 issue, there was a few issues with the SongKong 7.2 and 7.3 versions but they have all now been fixed, so can you first of all please update to SongKong 7.3.1 and then retry.

I tried the latest like yesterday, before posting.
But will try again and let u know.


same issue on 7.3.1 - see screen above and seems to never end.
any log u want me to sent or workaround to try out?

I emptied Log Files from the Help menu + Empty database (aware not able to revert changes) and seems this fixed it \o/

Okay on updating to a later version SongKong should automatically run Empty Database, and it does for me, but it seems in some isolated cases it does not and that was the cause of SongKong not finishing.

Ah ok, well glad it’s fixed.

Back to the main topic please.
Can you show me where those tracks got their wrong ISRC from?
Like links to the MusicBrainz db I assume?

Where does this go wrong?

Hmm, not sure please run Create Support Files

I’ve sent the Support files thru the option in the GUI by now.

Hi, the problem is the songs are being matched to the wrong song, so it is the right ISRC for the song matched to but should not being matching to that song in first place.

Interestingly, when I tried out your files (running in preview) it matched all to the correct songs, (match song only). But when I unset Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album and rerun it then matched to the wrong songs, so I have raised a bug and look into this in more detail -

It always matches to the another song by the same artist, and I notice that there are links to both songs from Acoustid but SongKong should use the one with the highest number of sources.


In the meantime if you remove the existing metadata (using Jaikoz or similar) and if able to keep Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one albums set it should match correctly.

Okay so have partial fix, this is quite technical but I explain it anyway.

Because you are allowing match to album SongKong finds possible albums and then scores them, if we take the Beck example the potential matches can include albums that have tracks that match the acoustids of the tracks you are trying to match. So because the acoustid incorrect links to a Devils Haircut recording as well as the Where Its At we include releases that these are on. Then when scoring the releases we try and find releases that matchall our tracks, but we are only matching one track, and the title match first checks acoustid and only if no acoustid match checks the actual title. This match doesn’t consider the number of sources and so its get 100% on Devils Haircut and the various other aspects of the album score it slightly higher than correct matches

29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 73d5d9df-f9c4-4db4-a373-0333a3d4948c:Devils Haircut was:score:59:release:57:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for e3548349-e2c5-4757-840f-0d23d6b13c40:Devils Haircut was:score:58:release:56:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 9baa1b1d-bdea-4767-adb2-39cfd1089633:Devils Haircut was:score:58:release:55:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 29cbc5a8-3a23-42fe-b1cd-ecc8280cf88e:Hit Singles was:score:58:release:7:totalTrack:80:avgTrack:80:modeTrack:80
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 3d08d05a-59ec-4ed2-b096-efdea0977f62:Odelay was:score:55:release:44:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 291a88bb-49f9-4bb8-9cd6-b443c6e38e14:Odelay was:score:55:release:45:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for d58bdf6a-0fb6-449a-b947-9476431d4139:Where It's At was:score:54:release:41:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for cc3241e4-13a3-4cc3-b9a7-f191e3a33d69:Odelay was:score:54:release:43:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for ab3bac67-fe74-4be7-aa6d-3ac4a9a0b7ce:Odelay was:score:54:release:42:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 9bf4ff91-12e7-4470-9f24-d1b8e5a111aa:Devils Haircut was:score:53:release:37:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 7edae664-8e14-3ca1-8c74-71b1d4413c1b:Odelay was:score:52:release:36:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for f563fbc7-797f-4dfd-94c0-d27d41193d9b:Odelay was:score:51:release:32:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for cc6e725b-9330-4413-a90d-0378e4ca9871:Odelay was:score:51:release:31:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 4a7c2fa9-1ce0-49dd-ba88-26c45367658d:LP #2 was:score:51:release:32:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 335e4331-d029-46a1-9f80-2870ddf7d029:Odelay was:score:51:release:33:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for a3eed2a9-c705-42db-8390-394b1cb5914b:O-de-lay was:score:50:release:28:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 3ab2be23-2cc0-4eec-8173-c58311f71087:Odelay was:score:50:release:28:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60
29/03/2021 14.13.12:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 2f989cba-1a91-4eda-be81-d42f8e7711fa:Cirkus was:score:46:release:16:totalTrack:60:avgTrack:60:modeTrack:60

and so that is what gets chosen.

Two fixes are required for this

  1. We should consider acoustid and title when scoring rather than acoustid or title
  2. The acoustids with few sources should be scrubbed form Albunack database

I’ve done 1>

29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 29cbc5a8-3a23-42fe-b1cd-ecc8280cf88e:Hit Singles was:score:54:release:7:totalTrack:75:avgTrack:75:modeTrack:75
29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for d58bdf6a-0fb6-449a-b947-9476431d4139:Where It's At was:score:48:release:41:totalTrack:52:avgTrack:52:modeTrack:52
29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 73d5d9df-f9c4-4db4-a373-0333a3d4948c:Devils Haircut was:score:45:release:57:totalTrack:40:avgTrack:40:modeTrack:40
29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for e3548349-e2c5-4757-840f-0d23d6b13c40:Devils Haircut was:score:44:release:56:totalTrack:40:avgTrack:40:modeTrack:40
29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 9baa1b1d-bdea-4767-adb2-39cfd1089633:Devils Haircut was:score:44:release:55:totalTrack:40:avgTrack:40:modeTrack:40
29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 3d08d05a-59ec-4ed2-b096-efdea0977f62:Odelay was:score:41:release:44:totalTrack:40:avgTrack:40:modeTrack:40
29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 291a88bb-49f9-4bb8-9cd6-b443c6e38e14:Odelay was:score:41:release:45:totalTrack:40:avgTrack:40:modeTrack:40
29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for cc3241e4-13a3-4cc3-b9a7-f191e3a33d69:Odelay was:score:40:release:43:totalTrack:40:avgTrack:40:modeTrack:40
29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for ab3bac67-fe74-4be7-aa6d-3ac4a9a0b7ce:Odelay was:score:40:release:42:totalTrack:40:avgTrack:40:modeTrack:40
29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 9bf4ff91-12e7-4470-9f24-d1b8e5a111aa:Devils Haircut was:score:39:release:37:totalTrack:40:avgTrack:40:modeTrack:40
29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 7edae664-8e14-3ca1-8c74-71b1d4413c1b:Odelay was:score:38:release:36:totalTrack:40:avgTrack:40:modeTrack:40
29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for f563fbc7-797f-4dfd-94c0-d27d41193d9b:Odelay was:score:37:release:32:totalTrack:40:avgTrack:40:modeTrack:40
29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for cc6e725b-9330-4413-a90d-0378e4ca9871:Odelay was:score:37:release:31:totalTrack:40:avgTrack:40:modeTrack:40
29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 4a7c2fa9-1ce0-49dd-ba88-26c45367658d:LP #2 was:score:37:release:32:totalTrack:40:avgTrack:40:modeTrack:40
29/03/2021 14.48.39:BST:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScoresForSingleSong:INFO: Score for 335e4331-d029-46a1-9f80-2870ddf7d029:Odelay was:score:37:release:33:totalTrack:40:avgTrack:40:modeTrack:40

and may issue a fixed version of 7.3.1 to try out this week, this also resolves the Gorillaz error.

It doesn’t resolve the Luniz errors

It doesn’t resolve the Velvet Underground error, this is due to bad data in MusicBrainz the ISRC is linked to I’m Waiting For The Man - unless your reference is wrong ?

Brookes Brothers is same issue as Velvet Undergound.

The Luniz track is failing because the only direct link from Acoustid to a MusicBrainz track is for the Chemical Brothers track - - again this would be solved by removing from database because too few sources -

Also it would be good if I could consider user submitted data but is difficult because acoustid api doesn’t return user submitted data if it has link to MusicBrainz data.

SongKong fix that fixes the Beck and Gorillaz issue now available

Will report back how it went this time asap.

Above track still seems to fetch the wrong ISRC and therefor wrong title/etc.
Beck track is fixed \o/

11 track examples (out of a batch of 1053, 352 were altered, so I’m sure those were found), that only have Artist + Title tag to begin with, and get fetched the wrong metadata (= different track):

  1. 40 - Cab Drivers - Get It [Highgrade 085].mp3 gets tagged as:
    Dylan Drazen - It Hz
  2. 056 - Asian Dub Foundation - Box.mp3 gets tagged as:
    Asian Dub Foundation - Witness
  3. 70 - Bushwacka - Energy (Original Mix).mp3 gets tagged as:
    Interactive Noise - Energy
  4. 081 - Beat Assassins - Gunclip.mp3 gets tagged as:
    Black Track - The Werewolf
  5. 134 - Breaking News - Rush Hour (Quadrat Beat Remix).mp3 gets tagged as:
    Armin van Buuren - Rush Hour
  6. 306 - Dr. Dre - Forgot About Dre (Instrumental).mp3 gets tagged as:
    Dr. Dre - Forgot About Dre
  7. 395 - Freestylers - Don't Stop.mp3 gets tagged as:
    Freestyle - Don’t Stop
  8. 423 - Gorillaz - El Mañana.mp3 gets tagged as:
    Gorillaz - New Genious (Brother)
  9. 574 - Luniz - I Got 5 On It (Aphrodite's Original Dub Plate).mp3 gets tagged as:
    The Chemical Brothers - Where Do I Begin
  10. 807 - Scratch Massive - Girls on Top (Break Version).mp3 gets tagged as:
    Stephen King gelesen von Dietmar Wunder - Teil Vier: Eingeschneit, Kapitel 35: Das Foyer, Teil 2
  11. 949 - Tim Healey & Tomcraft - Real Smooth (Feat. DJ Assault) (Krafty Kuts Remix).mp3 gets tagged as:
    Rihanna - Disturbia - 128 BPM

EDIT: Just created Support Files (removing database + reports before) and sent thru the GUI.
Somehow 70 - Bushwacka - Energy (Original Mix).mp3 now gets properly tagged.

I think its essentially the same issue, and will only be fully fixed when I do as well - so even though track score is now lower for the bad track, it is still outweighed by the release looking like a better match.

Of course this is only an issue when doing individual song matches and allowing to match to an album, it would not be a problem if yo recheck that option so can only match Song Only, nor would it be a problem if you had whole albums to match.

I will try and fix the database within a couple of weeks

I’m not sure what you mean with:

Of course this is only an issue when doing individual song matches and allowing to match to an album, it would not be a problem if yo recheck that option so can only match Song Only

The settings I used:

Yes if you scrub the data and then try again but have Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album enabled it should match song correctly in most cases.

Fixed for next release.

Retested and now those songs with the valid linked mb recording id use that, those with an invalid mb recording id don’t use it (if has less than 3 sources).

However because of a bug in in Acoustid api we can only retrieve user submitted data if there is no linked mb recording, so currently the majority of remaining tracks are unmatched because we cannot access the user submitted data.

However, it is possible to unlink a bad mb recording as I have done here now because there are no enabled mb recordings linked to the acoustid Songkong can now access the user submitted data and make use of that.

If you login to Acoustid you can easily disable any recording by selecting the Disable button next to the mb recording and adding a comment

but I have left these for now as you may want to test my fix when SongKong 7.4 is released.