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Fetching Disc Number from Folder Name

Hi All,

Apologies if this has been answered already, but I am trying to do a simple operation with the latest Jaikoz and am falling short. I want to populate the Disc No field automatically from the folder contaning my files. The folder name has some letters and the disc number. So an example folder would be
CD22/FLAC files in here.
I can get rid of the letters and non necessary characters later via Find and Replace, but I would need to effectively copy the folder name into the DiscNo field, via I assume “Correct Metadata from Filename”. Could anyone kindly point me out how to do this?

Many thanks!

The Disc No field only allows numbers to be added not just general text so I think the best solution would be as follows, few steps to follow but can be done on all files in one go. We use Custom 1 as an interim stage assuming it not used for something else, if it is use a different column.

Position columns so they go Sub Folder/Custom 1/Disc No

Select all fields in SubFolder and Custom 1 column

Right Click and select Edit/Append to Right

use Find and Replace to modify Custom 1 column to have the correct value, exactly how you do this depends on your data.



Select all fields in Custom 1 and DiscNo column

Right Click and select EditAppend to Right

Right click on Custom 1 column and select Empty Column

Many thanks, Paul. This is very useful. Can I ask what the best way of selecting all fields in a column is? I would need it for other tasks too, but I have not found a shortcut/menu item to do so. A manual selection can be imprecise and complicated, especially when dealing with hundreds of files at the same time.

On Windows I would do as follows.

Select first item in column by left-clicking in field with mouse

Then go to last item in list and hold SHIFT key down and left mouse click on item

For two adjacent columns, first step is same, second step would be to SHIFT and click on last item in second column

There is currently no shortcut or key to select all fields in a column, I can see that may be useful.

Dear Paul,

What you kindly suggest works for a small amount of tracks, but at times I need to work with hundreds, and it becomes cumbersome, particularly due to the fact that I often work on a small laptop screen. It would be ideal if there was a command to select all fields in a column, as you suggest, say within the right click menu when clicking on the column name (Album Artist, Track No, etc). That would make things much easier.
It would be also good if there was a command in the Edit menu for the copying of all fields from one column to the other - say I want to copy everything in the Title column to Grouping. A window enabling me to select both as source and destination would also be very useful.

Agreed, I will raise an issue for both of these requests.

Okay, first one already exists
Second one raised