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Error's and Warnings bar on Status does isn't working

During the running process Errors and Warnings bar doesn’t appear to be working as it never reports anything wrong even thou on several runs it found files it could not process and are listed in the report page.
Example from the summary page:
Running process started at 8:21 PM
Stopped 8:30 PM

But in the Error log stated SongKong identified the following error at the following time:
Jan 23, 2021, 8:22:55 PM
Warning:File new name clashed, renamed again from /music/2 Ton Predator - Demon Dealer - 07 - Transparent Venom Addiction.mp3 to /music/2 Ton Predator - Demon Dealer - 07 - Transparent Venom Addiction(1).mp3

going to assume its because there is no value assigned to that bar during the running process to track identified errors to show progress?

Errors and Warnings bar only counts Errors, but the logs shows Errors and Warnings

That is the thing when errors are found during the running process that bar never updates that one was found

The example you gave was a Warning not an Error

This page of the report clearly states “Errors and Warnings:1”

So this page also states 'Errors and Warnings"

So based on your wording then this page should only state Errors?

Yes, I suppose so, but I don’t know why you are nitpicking over such tiny things, nonetheless I have raised an issue for it -

Actually turns out warnings are included , but just this specific warning message doesnt update the progress bar, so just fixed this.