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Error when closing Jaikoz

Hello Paul

Great work with the new Jaikoz.
I had download the first jaikoz and now the version 11.2 but when i close the app it come with many warning then i can’t close the app. I had to force the Jaikoz to close because every time i was closing the little window a other one was coming and i could not close Jaikoz.
Here the screenshot

I have the same issue (on Mac OS Catalina)

Okay I havent been able to replicate the issue, could someone please run Advanced:Create Support Files and then email me the zip file created so that I can examine the logs and see what is causing the problem and get it resolved quickly.

Hello Paul

After I restarted Jaikoz I had clear the cache.

Can I still send you the support file if I cleared the cache ?

Yes, it should not effect the log files.

I cannot fix this problem unless someone send me some logs

Okay I think I have now resolved this.

Fixed in Jaikoz 11.2.1 Mudhoney released March 10th 2022

I downloaded 11.2.1 and until now not error and i noticed you corrected the columns Size

Thank you