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Jaikoz 11.2.1 Mudhoney released March 10th 2022

Jaikoz 11.2.1 Mudhoney released March 10th 2022 released

This release fixes some stablilty issues introduced in Jaikoz 11.1 related to closing and sorting files but also more interestingly fixes two recently discovered but long term issues to do with artwork and https, with these fixes my test saw an increase of 15% in cover art added, plus a reduction in poor quality disc images that sometimes get added with Discogs.


JAIKOZ-1386 Cover Art Archive, if url is http fails to get artwork because redirect is https

JAIKOZ-1384 When select some recno records and then close them should no longer be anything selected in recno

JAIKOZ-1382 Sort by Album Artwork Image giving Error

JAIKOZ-1377 Close Files toolbar icon not working

JAIKOZ-1387 Failing to get some direct image links from Amazon because of issue with Amazon SSL Certiifcate