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Error starting Java VM when trying to start SongKong

I’ve seen this problem in here a very long time ago but I’ve only just got this error and the few suggestions don’t work. I’m on the latest patch Windows 10 and have the latest version of SongKong (just downloaded and reinstalled again to be sure). Any clues as to how to resolve appreciated.


Can you paste in a screenshot so I can see exactly what you mean, I am not aware of such an error.

Used Revo Uniinstaller to remove SongKong (oddly I had two versions installed?!?) removed Java, installed Java, removed Java, etc. about six times. tried reinsatlling SongKong. repeated all above again and after about the fifth cycle including deep registry cleans reinstalled SongKong and now it’s working. Obviusly there was a conflict somewhere that has been flushed out. Phew. Thanks.

Okay I am glad its working but I am none the wiser of the issue.

Worth noting that SongKong comes with its own copy of Java runtime as part of the installation and this is stored in C:\Program Files\Jthink\SongKong\JVM64 on Windows so there is no need to install Java seperately.