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Error message 404 not found?

class java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:Unknown cache: MusicBrainzArtistCache

The following was carried out
Log-Protokoll leeren
|Berichte löschen||
|Shutdown SongKong sofort|

Whats happend?

Not sure, but try just restarting SongKong How do you restart SongKong Service

It seems to work, I have 4006 songs loaded, is that a possible number to edit at once?
What do you recommend as the best possible size?
Thank you

When you select a folder SongKong doesn’t load the files at that point. It works on folders at a time so there isn’t really any upper limit.

Hello Paul Taylor,
I started Fix Songs yesterday. First, the program showed the progress in the individual segments. But it hasn’t happened for hours and it remains unchanged.
At the same time I cannot access the Minim database, is that intentional?
Am I making a mistake?
What should I do to resolve it?
I look forward to your answer.

MnimServer should not be affected

Melco is a slow machine it is worth considering installing SongKong directly on your PC/Mac and doing initial fix of your Melco files as a remote drive. But if there has been no change in progress for some time makes me think that maybe it has crashed, in which case restart SongKong on Melco and then run Create Support Files to send me your logs.

Uploading the support files also remains:
Create support files at number 15 have been unchanged for about 6-7 minutes.

support files just sent
What should I do now?

Hi, the logs file you sent were for an instance of running SongKong on Windows, and this was failing because you seem to be running it twice.

But I havent recieved anything for SongKong on Melco (accessed via Windows)

Which way do you want to go with this ?

Hi, As announced, I wanted to start a new attempt via the remote app. Unfortunately only the Lite version is shown here. I copied my full license keys 1 and 2 there. However, there is an error message “The license data is invalid” Do I actually need an additional, standalone, paid license for the remote version? Or am I making an application error?

Hi, you need to enter your email address as well.

What version of license have you purchased?

Hello Paul, thank you very much for the support, now it works.
License: SongKong Music Tagger Melco License
Now I get another error message. As requested, I have just submitted the support file.
Best regards

Please run Empty Database then restart.