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Duplicate playlists were created

Song Kong created duplicates of some of my playlists and also created multiple of its own folders called unknown and within them a singsong playlist/date. How do I fix this? Is there a way to delete playlists that reference the same tracks as others. I don’t want to lose anything.

On a file level Congrats it does a great job and is easy to understand.

Hi, so the purpose of creating playlists is purely to make Apple Music/Itunes aware of changes to files so it can update its internal database. If we don’t rename files we can always manually update the Apple Music database by going into Apple Music, selecting all/modified files, bring up context menu and selecting Get Info. If we are renaming files they may need to be readded to Apple Music, depending on your settings.

So, I’m not aware of this issue but this post indicates that maybe Apple have changed something. So I will investigate but in the meantime could you:

  • Run Create Support Files so I can review your log files
  • Uncheck Preferences:Save:Save changes to MacOS Music App to avoid issue

I sent you the attach support attach file by email

Thank you


@Zeb I require the SongKong support files if you would like help with this, the ones from MusicNZ do not help with your particular problem.

HI @paultaylor I Just sent the support files to you. I manually and with your excellent app got it into better shape over the weekend. but I am sure I have remaining issues. Thank you so much for your proactive support.

Way better than most!

Thanks for support files, so remember the playlists are only created for the purposes of informing Apple Music of changes, you can delete them as you wish.

Apple Music update is essentially working

But having problems with a few files

Unfortunately, the log files are empty I cannot see details of the problematic applescript, did you run Empty Log Files ?

No I haven’t. I didn’t want to send you empty files. lol.

Was the duplicate playlist a one off or does it keep doing it?
Can you send me a screenshot showing the list of playlists within the songkong playlist folder?

I will. For example I had several SongKong [# date] playlists. I deleted all but one. Also had multiples of playlists that were previously created like playlist name 1 or 2. I’ll capture it when I see it.