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Jaikoz Playlist vs Apple Music App

Hello There

I use almost everyday your app and it is great but i found that apple had change the way we do playlists so because of the change they made Kaikoz playlist is not working anymore. Jaikoz will create a playlist on Apple music but it is empty. It crate a playlist with th date only and the playlist is empty.

I had read that app had change th way we create a playlist and it is not good. Because of that Jaikoz create empty playlist with no artwork and no Mp3.



Can you fix the problem please ?

Hi, do you have a link detailing the playlist change I wasn’t aware of such a change.

Hello Paul

The only that appear on Apple Music app is the date of the playlist creation with nothing on it meaning not artwork and now mp3 just an empty playlist with a date.

I found that few days ago when I did try to create from Apple Music all a new playlist then it had been change by Apple recently the way we create a playlist.
When you do a new playlist you have to name the new playlist ten add the artwork photo then after that you need to add manually the mp3 folder and the playlist is created.
I found that also by going to Doug’s script web site where it mention about the new way to create a playlist on Apple Music.
To be honest it is not good the way Apple had change the way we create a playlist
Because of that Jaikoz had been affected



Here a screenshot of the empty playlist in Apple Music app

I hope this will help


I’m having a look now, found this which seem to imply something has changed in the UI when using Music interactively but not the applescript itself (which is what I am using on MacOS) but
I will look into it.

The error in your logs is:

04/01/2024 15.18.16:com.jthink.jaikoz.ituneshelper.OSXUpdateMusicWithChanges:addNewTracks:WARNING: There was a problem updating   in iTunes library, error {
    NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = "Expected class name but found application constant or consideration.";
    NSAppleScriptErrorMessage = "Expected class name but found application constant or consideration.";
    NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = "-2741";
    NSAppleScriptErrorRange = "NSRange: {131, 12}";

Hi, well you certainly had an error but I dont think it is related to Apple Sonama

I already had Sonoma 14.1, I deleted my jaikoz and songkong playlist folders. I then saved some files in Jaikoz and SongKong with the update Apple Music option enabled, in both cases it created the top elevel folder and then playlist folder within it without problem.

I then updated to Sonoma 14.2 and redid the test, and again it was okay.

Hello Paul

If it works from your Mac sonoma 14.2 how do I make my sonoma 14.2 one working ?

I don’t know.

But the point is I don’t think its anything to do with Sonoma because works for me, and it isn’t a regression in Jaikoz because the Jaikoz release has not changed. So it is likely something specific to your music library within Apple Music but difficult to say what.

When exactly did this problem start, the error is with adding new tracks to Apple Music, are the tracks regular audio files.

Found this:

Just wondering have you change the MacOS language you are using or made any other regional changes?

Hello there friend

I had delete on apple the jaikoz playlist and i had reset jaikoz with the terminal command and restarted jaokoz.

I can see on apple music app the new jaikoz and had processed a file and then jaikoz managed to add the playlist but only the jaikoz name and date but with no artword and mpp3 song on it.

I am attaching a screenshot so you can see for yourself.and the support file just after i did the songs


Ok, so you ca see there is not an issue with actually creating playlists but maybe an issue adding songs to playlist, best if you could resend support files then so I can check latest error.

Here the a new screenshot but i will have to send

I just try a other folder with the artwork and Mp3 in the same folder.
Jaikoz do create a playlist but it don’t add the artwork and Mp3 into the playlist.

It has never added artwork to playlist?

Hello Paul
What do you mean I never add a playlist?
I did but what you are from the screenshot it’s the result after editing an album on jaikoz and I told you I can’t add the support file thought here so I sent to your email.


I meant you said it didnt add the artwork into the playlist but it never has added artwork to playlist.

Don’t worry it’s all good

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