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Drag and Drop from jriver not working in 6.6

Headline says it all. Drag and drop from jriver mediacenter used to work for years. Support was pulled in 6.6. Error message is “none of the folders exist”, which is not true.

Drag and drop from the actual folders does work, but going there is an additional step.

Well support wasnt pulled in 6.6 - there have been no changes in this area, drag and drop is rather dependent on both applications, the OS and the Java version.

So what I need to ascertain is what was the last working setup you because the issue could be with SongKong, OS or JRiver ?

I have to stand myself corrected: Drag and drop does not work any more for me at all.

Drag and drop from explorer works when dropping a directory, it does not work when dropping the files in that directory. So it is the same strange behavior in jriver and explorer. Drag and drop of individual files results in “none of the folders exists”.

“m:\music\Zap Mama\Eclectic Breath\01 Humanoid I (Eclectic Breath).m4a” “m:\music\Zap Mama\Eclectic Breath\02 Getaway.m4a” “m:\music\Zap Mama\Eclectic Breath\03 Kaleidoscope.m4a” “m:\music\Zap Mama\Eclectic Breath\04 Humanoid II (What Do I Want).m4a”…

So this is NOT limited to jriver but using explorer, too. On my system, at least.

One of the major benefits of songkong was its ability to load and process files from arbitrary locations with a single click. Does not work on my system anymore.

jaikoz works as expected with jriver and explorer.

I wonder if this is a change in Windows or SongKong, I cant think of a change in SongKong but maybe there is - Ive raised

Ah, okay got it.

Its not the drag and drop that isnt working, the problem is when you try to start a task, okay I have replicated issue and will try and fix this for next release.

Hi, this is now fixed in SongKong 6.6.2

I can confirm it is working as expected in ver. 6.6.2.

Thank you for fixing this so quickly.