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Database Corrupted Message - Ubuntu

It appears that SongKong is having issues on my Ubuntu PC, I am using it as “Remote”.

I started a job and the browser didn’t respond as expected, it flashed quickly and displayed an old report without performing the job. I checked the via ssh and saw an error message regarding the database being corrupted. I have submitted support files at about 15:20 pacific time today. I have not yet deleted the database files, I just restarted SongKong remote and it processed the next job just fine. FYI I have manually changed the username shown in the error message pasted below.

Can you advise on what to do next?

Songs Report is:/home/robem/.songkong/Reports/FixSongsReport00129/FixSongsReport00129.html
Start Fixing Songs
Database /home/robem/.songkong/Prefs/Database appears corrupt it needs to be recreated or restored from backup
Please restore an older version, or delete the Database folder so that SongKong can create a new database next time it is started

I checked your logs and it does appear the internal database file is courrpted so the easiest thing to do is to exit SongKong, delete folder


and rerun

Deleting the database will not affect your metadata in any way, the only effect you might notice is loading the files and fixing will initially be a bit slower because cannot use the database cache.