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Database Backup

Is it possible to back up the database automatically, possibly to an external drive or NAS? To handle the course of the correction in the event of a database or server crash.

The database has three purposes:

  1. Allow speedier matching by storing cache of files metadata and cache of MusicBrainz/Discogs albums and artists looked up from Albunack
  2. Allow matching of arbitarily large collections by acting as local storage whilst processing files so that only a minimal amount of memory is required.
  3. Backup of changes made to files so they can be undone back to how they originally were if customer does not like changes.

Once created the reports are independent html files, reports can be reopened even with an empty database.

So once your changes are made, and you are happy with the changes SongKong makes
the contents of the database are non-critical. For example the contents of the database have no impact on what you see when you browse your music with your control point.

So in my opinion there is no real need to backup the database, in fact as the database will grow in size over time it is good housekeeping to occasionally empty the database anyway.

Having said that the database is accessible from your computer and you can do a backup by copying the and Database.trace.db within the Database folder (don’t need Database.lock.db if exists)

You can restore database as follows: