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Cover artwork does not sync to "music" app mac os

hey ho…
i make oldschool music mixes on cd. then i import them to music on mac os 10.15.7.
i put them in a playlist and drag them to songkong pro v7.4.
songkong analyses them correctly. normaly with the cover artwork showing up in the “musik” app (german name).
but now i only see the correct song with a missing cover.
(if i play a song, i can see the cover in the mini player on top of the app, but in the “information” settings of the song there is no cover placed.)
songkong has full access to my harddrive.
can anybody tell me what has changed or do i have to change some settings?

thanks a lot in advance,

p.s. a few months ago it has worked with the covers and the names!

So the metadata has been added okay, but the cover is now missing ?
SongKong adds artwork to the files themselves, and can additionally store artwork as an image file within the album folder. Your Musik player can probably use either when playing, but in the information settings may only use the one within the audio files

I would suggest as an experiment putting a different image as a cover.jpg file in the album folder to see where that shows up.

Then run Status Report in SongKong on the problem album folder and then run Create Support Files so I can see the report and logs. The issue maybe audio format specific, some applications have trouble reading images sometimes depending on how it is stored.

hey paultaylor,
thanks a lot for your quick response!
i changed the .jpg in the album folder, but nothing has changed.
i sent you the support file after that.
the new foto does not show up. so the cover artwork must be stored in the files itself, i think.
the album i tried to change the cover in the album folder was correct before and is correct after the experience.
in my case/problem…i just placed the covers manually by finding them on discogs and pasted them to each song manually.
because in my case it was a mix and after songkong found out the song name it created many albums and not just one and i have them stored together in a playlist.
right now it is not possible that songkong gives cover artwork to the analysed new songs in my music library.
thanks for your time and support,

Hi, I thought the problem was that you could not use SongKong to manually add artwork, but it now sounds like you are saying the problem is that SongKong is not adding artwork for your custom album, i.e you are not looking for album artwork for your custom cd but for each song to get artwork from the actual album it appeared on, is that the case ?

i import songs to the music app without a name.
then i run songkong to find out the names of the songs and that is working great.
normally songkong adds the covers to the found songs, but now songkong only adds the names, but not the covers…so that i do not see a cover on my devices (only the names).

Could you answer the question please is this for an album or a home made album ?

it`s a mix of songs which i put in one playlist.

if i import albums, i do replace the cover without songkong, because it`s not a lot of work to replace one cover, but in a playlist i have to replace 20 covers.

Okay so the issue is that by default SongKong tries to match a group of songs to an album, because that is what is usually required otherwise songs could be split over multiple albums which is not what people want. If the songs could be identified (e.g via Acoustic Fingerprint) but an album could not be found that accommodated all the songs in the grouping then the songs are matched Song Only, and we add song info like Title and Artist but not album info like Track No, Title and Album Artwork

But you can override this so it matches songs to albums even if the grouping cannot be matched to album, then album artwork can be added for songs. You need to disable Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album on the Basic tab, this option is called Nur dann Entsprechung, wenn alle gruppierten Songs einem Album zugeordnet werden können on the Grundlegende tab in German, please give that a go.

that option was already disabled! it`s the standard attitude of songkong.
but i try to disable “nur dann entsprechung, wenn alle gruppierten songs einem album zugeordnet werden können”. that option was checked the whole time.
thanks and i will give it a try on my next mix playlist.


No that option is enabled by default, maybe you are getting confused with the option below Nur dann Entsprechung, wenn alle Songs in einem Album zugeordnet werden können which is disabled

This is a screenshot from your report showing it is enabled

that`s strange. i checked both the standard option and the songs repair option and the box was unchecked.

Have you tried it now, did it work for you?

not now, because i‘m not at home right now, but i let you know right away when i tried it. …but i think that you found out what the problem was.
thanks for that

hello mr. taylor,
it`s still not putting a cover artwork in the apple music app on mac os 10.15.7.
this time i just tried it with one song.
i tried severall options and checked and unchecked the “nur dann entsprechung wenn…”, but songkong wont put an album artwork to the song.
i send you an report a minute ago.
do you maybe have an idea what i can try to get the song-album-covers to my playlists?
thanks a lot in advance,

I checked the last report (FixedSongsReport00141) and it has artwork so I dont really understand the issue. Are you saying SongKong is not adding artwork to the files, or it adding artwork but they are just not showing up when you use the Apple Music app, if so if you select the songs in the apple Music app and do Song Info does it then show the artwork ?

right. in the song „info“ there is no artwork/cover!
if i play the song, the cover is shown in themini player, but not in the info/albumcover and not in the music app synchronized to the ios/iphone.
the rest of the song data is correct.

If you load the song into another tool/tagger is the artwork shown ?

no. only if i place the artwork manually in the cover/info field.