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Correct sub folder from metadata issue

I use to use the “correct sub folder from metadata” function extensively with the old versions of Jaikoz but since I upgraded to this new redeveloped one I cannot update subfolders with genre/year anymore. It just adds the genre without the year although one is available.

see screenshots in attachement

Any idea?

Not really , just tested it and it works for me.

Is it adding the genres, or were they already there.

i.e is the subfolder column being changed at all when you run task or not, not clear from screenshot.

as I said Paul, It just adds the genre without the year although one is available so yes the genre is being added but not the year

It wasnt clear if genre was already there, okay that is a weird one that I cant work out an answer for now.

what can I do to help identifying the source of the issue?

Can you empty the subfolder column and rerun to confirm it is putting in new data

yes I confirm it does input new data and empty where I remove the genre but does not add the year

If you change mask to use albumyear what happens?

same thing…just adding the genre only

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Maybe there is an issue with how you are using ifempty, what happens if you use year without ifempty.

The bottom line is I dont think there is actually a bug with Jaikoz, but an issue with either your mask or your options you need to do a bit more investigation yourself on this

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Paul I hve done further tests on this and my findings are:

  • The year is added if it is the only or first element in the mask
  • the folder separation (/) isn’t taken into account and only the element previous to this (/) is rendered

I have tested with one of the default masks (AlbumArtist - Album (Year)/Track - Artist - Title) and only the first element (before the “/”) and without the year is rendered (see screen print)

My Jaikoz installation is completely new and this was working in previous versions (mainly used in my workflow)

I think I know what the issue is

For any song the total filename is Base Folder + Sub Folder + Filename

The Rename File from Filename mask specifies the mask to use for the Sub Folder and Filename, the SubFolder part is from the start to the last /, the Filename part is to the right of the last /

So in your mask in screenshot above you have SubFolder = Year and Filename = Year

When you run Correct SubFolder from Metadata it only uses the subfolder part of mask , and when run Correct Filename from Metadata it uses the filename part of mask.

In your original question you have genre/year so year is the filename part what you want is something like genre/year/trackno title so both genre and year as part of subfolder mask. Looking at your original post I should have noticed this but I was focussed on the wrong thing.


That was the culprit Paul!

For others who might un into the same issue, adding a “/” at the end of the last argument solved the issue.
Screenshot 2022-09-02 at 10.51.31
Thank you Paul! :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think you have quite realised the issue here. The mask is designed to be a subfolder and rename mask not just a subfolder mask

I understand that but it can be used to rename sub folders only, doesn’t it?

Yes it can be, just wanted to make sure you understood function. You set one rename mask and then can use Correct Subfolder from Metadata and Correct Filename from Metadata