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Consolidate Genre, Artist Name and Album

I’d like to ask how to process my –very- curated collection to improve on the following:

  1. Fill the (empty) genre or replace the existent with the applicable one from a list of my selected genres (don’t want to end up with a thousand genres but shorted to my preferred, around 20.
  2. Is it possible to correct discrepancies in the artist name, so all are automatically renamed the same (i.e. The Beatles, Beatles, Beatles the, Beatls, etc, everything matched and renamed to a selected one from perhaps a pop-up list?
  3. To do something similar to album names

I am a Roon user and as most, I am investing and have spent hundreds (thousands?) of hours in getting the best experience from my tagging. My collection goes up to 200K songs, most of them are singles -not albums-, with a very little part being classical, which I won’t touch.

Thanks a lot!

Hi, Im not sure if this is for Jaikoz or SongKong but either way the solution is similar

  1. You can set a list of the only genres that will be accepted in the Genres tab (SongKong) or Preferences:Remote Correct:Genres (Jaikoz), and in SongKong you can also specify a genre to convert to.

  2. Both match from MusicBrainz and you can ensure a consistent name by enabling Format:Use standard Artist name instead of name displayed on Cover (SongKong) or Preferences:Remote Correct:Format:Use standard Artist name instead of name displayed on Cover (Jaikoz)

  3. This can be done by by enabling Format:Use standard Release title instead of title displayed on Cover in SongKong, option does not exist in Jaikoz.

Paul, I think that is not what @cosornio meant at least in Jaikoz

If he means having the combo box list showing only a small subset of tags than that is not currently something that can me done. I suppose it would be possible if the combo-box read the values from a text file that the user could edit, but I’m not sure many users would use that.

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