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Compilation album getting selected instead of album

Hi there!

Just started using song kong and am liking it! :slight_smile:

Trying to experiment with the settings and have decided on a two pass method to avoid errors:

  1. just rename files only
  2. rename directory structure

I had the following questions, that I hope someone may be able to answer.

Q1. So when renaming just the filenames, I get this issue where songs in albums are named from compilations albums.

You can see in the pic, that disc 1 has a compilation title, whereas disc2 has the proper album name in the titles. Is this a mismatch on songkongs part?

For reference my rename filter is:

     + ifnotempty(album,'-')
     + ifnotempty('[' +year,']-')
     + ifnotempty(audioformat,'-')
     + ifnotempty(audiobitspersample, "x")
     + ifnotempty(audiosamplerate,'/')
     + ifmultidisc(ifnotempty('disc' + pad(discno,2),'/'))
     + ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),'-')
     + ifnotempty2(albumartist,artist,'-')
     + ifnotempty(album,'-')
      + title

Q2. Ideally I would like add info such as audioformat, audiobitspersample & audiosamplerate to the album title. is there a method to just add it to the name of the original directory? i.e. preserve original directory name, but add some info to it.

hope these Qs make sense! Let me know if you need any more info. Many thanks in advance for any possible assistance!


Hi, i think you have missed step 1 - run Fix Songs with renaming off. The renaming is based on the metadata in the files so I think your first step is to match the songs with the Rename Files from Metadata set to No

Then only after that consider renaming files/directories, I would set to Rename if matched to Release so it only renames songs that SongKong has matched to an album

Would be helpful if first of all you could run Create Support Files then I can see the specific details of the Sleeping in Traffic renaming

Hi, thanks for your quick reply! :slight_smile:
" run Fix Songs with renaming off ."

Ah yes that is something I will correct! Thanks for the pointer.

" Would be helpful if first of all you could run Create Support Files"

Just sent you the support files. The same “compilation problem occurs in some of the patti smith” for the album “1976 - Radio Ethiopia [BMG Japan]”. It has “Collective Works” instead of the album title

Thanks again!

Hi, okay for Sleeping in Traffic I found this in the logs

14/03/2023 22.43.17:GMT:MusicBrainzScorer:calculateReleaseScores:WARNING: G7:/media/bsgt/jogi1/ZZZZZZ_new_music_cache/Beardfish/2007 - Sleeping In Traffic - Part 1:false:false:false:false:Unable to find any match for 11 songs from 2 releases containing some songs out of duration

So basically it did check the


albums but there was at least one track that was out of duration,and that is why they were rejected.

However I checked the album that was matched and that seemed to have the same track durations as the others. I think it was allowed because it was part of a larger multi disc album, probably a bug. I cannot see what the duration of your tracks but it would be helpful if you could check to see the discrepancy, and if you could possibly email me the album that would be useful for determining exact cause and fixing the issue.

For the Patti Smith album I think the issue is that this album is usually attributed to Patti Smith Group not Patti Smith and because your original data had album artist as Patti Smith and it found a match based on this artist it took it, and never picked up the Patti Smith Group versions. Again would be useful if I could have copy for testing.

In both cases because they did not match the preferred album the Album field was set to a different value, and then because you renamed file only based on metadata and your filename mask uses Album field as part of the filename the filename was renamed as you have it.

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Ok sounds reasonable! Happy to email the albums to you if you let me know your details :slight_smile:

Just send to but probably better to use something like dropbox

Hi, sent you a link. expires on sat

Okay I have analysed the Patti Smith album. So actually it didn’t match the original albums because they all have track duration for Absynnia as 2.16 but your version is 2.06, and they have Chickets as 6.23 whereas you have it as 6.37. If a potential album has more than one track whose duration is out by more than ten seconds than we reject it. So SongKong was correct to reject these albums.

However, for the album it did match although Absynnia is okay as they have it as 2.06 and this matches your version, they have Chicklets as 5.57 which is even worse match for your 6.37 version. And there are other tracks that do not match either so this match should have been rejected as well. This is a bug and is because the processing for multi disc albums is slightly different because we we cant do a full matrix match for albums when they get to certain size, but the track duration check can be done and is an oversight -

So when I have fixed this the result for you would be no match at all. Because SongKong can be used to match many albums at once it is to dangerous to allow matches automatically when durations do not match. Now do plan a single album matcher that would allow you to check results when matching single album and override warnings, but this is not done yet.

In the meantime you could use my other music tagger software Jaikoz because this already has options to match set of files to specific release and this can be used to save upto 20 files without requiring a license

And just checked Beardfish has the same issue, songs out of duration preventing original match and then lack of check on compilation allowed match

Tracks with different durations are:
Sunrise- 07:15, Sunrise- 7:54
Year of the Knife- 6:42, Year Of The Knife- 7:29

Ok Great! thanks for looking and giving a detailed explanation :slight_smile:

It would definitely be better for such albums to be flagged as no match as it reduces the things to do when checking the output. It would be great if you could let me know when a fix has been pushed!