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Child process exited with code 1

Good morning

I just purchased a jakoz PRO Version and downloaded the Windows version.

I installed it but when I want to klick to the Licence nothing happens and after 5 times I click ok this error appears and jaikoz does not even open.

There comes this message

Child process exited with code 1

I tried debug - nothing

Tx for help


So you installed Jaikoz, then did you try and run Jaikoz from Start menu or did you just double click on the license.jai file expecting that to run Jaikoz, that will not run Jaikoz. You should start Jaikoz, then use File:Update License to update license by selecting the license.jai file

I did exactly as you wrote - did not work

I even de-installed an re-installed jaikoz - did not work

It always come the error 1

Any ideas?

Are you using an old version of Windows?

If you deinstall then physically delete C:/Program Files/Jthink/Jaikoz and then install older version such as from does that work.

before I do it

I use windows 10 21H2 64


Done - does not work

See error messageCapture

Otherwise all other programs work perfectly

That error is because you downgraded, delete c:\users\username\Jaikoz then restart. username is your Winows username

Are you using AccessBridge, do you have some accessibility settings configured, I think it may be this issue SongKong won't run for the first time after Windows 64-bit install