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Character encoding issue in default genre list

Hi Paul,

Looking at the list of allowed genres, I found a few incorrect values, probably resulting of a wrong encoding.

Gypsy Jazz;
Music Hall;
Musique Concrète;
Sámi Music;

Side question: if I don’t want to filter genres (and thus not having to maintain this list – because genres are evolving as music is alive :wink:), how should I do?
(Or where could I found a “standard“ list to update my settings?)

Where are you looking at this list, within SongKong itself or with a text editor ?
Because that is using the wrong encoding to show the list (it is UTF-8)

It comes from Songkong itself.

I tried to “restore defaults” on this screen, with no success.


Thats wierd, have you modified this file outside of SongKong ?
What language are you running Windows under ?

No, I can’t remember having modified this list ever.
Where could I get a reset list?

My locale is FR/fr

The original file is C:\Program Files\Jthink\SongKong\genrelist.txt and the one being used in SongKong is C:\Users\Paul\AppData\Roaming\SongKong\genrelist.txt

So if it has got modified you can copy over from original location.

If it hasn’t got modified but is simply being open with wrong file encoding Im not sure why this is happening, it should be using UTF-8

Shouldn’t Restore default erase my (possible) personal settings to get back to the default list? It doesn’t.

Oh wait!

The issue is in the default file. So it probably comes with the packaging or the installation procedure.

Sorry, took me a while to zoom in on this. I thought the problem was the file was encoded incorrectly, but actually there are simply invalid values that I had not noticed, but have been there for years

Fixed for next release, probably this Monday

Long-haul testing, then :sweat_smile: