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Changes to Preferences/Profiles/Naming Masks not saving

SK 7.3/1127
Permissions on all SK Preferences files and dB are set to 777; Full Disk Access is enabled in System Preferences.
I have completely uninstalled all SK files and the app and then reinstalled, re-registered.

Change Profile to any profile other than default. Hit OK.
Profile is always back to Default.

Filename Masks
Choose any mask, Hit Edit: Nothing happens
Choose any mask, Hit Clone: Nothing happens
Choose Add, window opens, build mask, Hit OK: Nothing happens, save doesn’t occur

I just want DD-TT-Album-Artist-Title as my filename.

As it stands, I have to run everything through Yate to get my files named correctly.

Why is this complicated instead of simple?

Have you seen how, say, Adobe Lightroom lets you build complex rename masks by tokenizing the variables? Super easy, don’t have to learn JavaScript.

In Preferences the Profiles is just a list of profiles in alphabetical order, its not meant to show the one you are actually using at the moment, and also irrelevant to modifying the rename masks because masks exist independently of profiles and any mask can be used by any profile.

Okay so when you click Edit it should bring up the mask for editing, i have just tested on both Windows and on my Nas using the remote web interface and on both cases work fine, so I am unclear why it wouldn’t work for you, perhaps send me support files using Create Support FIles

SongKong comes with a predefined set of mask that you can use, you only need to go into Preferences if you want to edit a mask or create a new one. Unfortunately the one you want are missing, I did notice this recently

Using Javascript expressions give the customer the ability to do very complex masks if required, the alternative is to create a pseuso language as Picard and Foobar2000 do but this is very limiting because each function required by a customer has to be specially coded, so there are always limitations. The syntax used by SongKong is actually pretty simple and quite obvious when you look at an existing mask, its easy to amend a mask then use one from scratch - How to create Rename masks

One option you have if you cannot get Edit Mask to work is to manually edit the file. If we need to do this I can help you further.

Ok. I guess that’s not really clear in the interface. Why are profile choice and profile management in separate places?


Ok. I can understand that. It was frustrating because I couldn’t see any of the original mask syntax, so I was flying blind, having forgot all the JavaScript I learned so many years ago. I also hadn’t considered the need to name things accounting for if/then/or situations. are people using this functionality? Genuinely curious.

I’ll have a look at this, thanks.

I’ll wait until I hear back from you re: the Support Files. No point if faffing about until then.

For some reason, many/most “Fix Songs” operations stall out working with +1000 files. This is new, too; I’ve used SK on more than 11TB of files over the last few weeks, and it’s always worked well. That’s why I deleted it and all (I think) of the SK files, and reinstalled. I thought something had got corrupted.

Thank you for your help, and for SongKong. It’s been very useful to me.

So in the main window when you start a task it uses the options in the selected profile, and if yo modify the options they are saved to that selected profile. If you want to create a new profile before you start the task you can just select Clone and that will create a new profile based on the existing one. So that is all you need to profiles and is easily accessible form the main window. Preferences only contains the Delete and Rename options and these do not need to be used often, if at all.

So I see you are using MacOS and I just tested editing and existing mask and it worked fine, I don’t see a problem with this in your logs but I think the last thing you ran is Fix Songs so not clear when you tried Edit Rename Mask. This is what I would like you to do:

  • Select Rename mask and select Edit

  • If that doesn’t work try another mask and then edit in case the problem is with a particular mask

  • If that still doesn’t work, now run Create Support Files so I can see if there are any errors in log

  • Now possible workaround, is to select Start Remote Mode from the SongKong File menu, this should automatically open the SongKong web interface within a web browser, then select Preferences at the top and then you can try Edit a Filename mask from here, and see if that works instead. If it does then select Save and then just have to select Stop Remote Mode from the SongKong File menu to go back to using regular desktop mode.

Okay, i think there is a bug here. The last report was run against a Various Artist folder __VARIOUS ARTISTS II/RUN SK ON ME and there seems to be some issue with the renaming introduced in SongKong 7.2, just for a test can you trying setting Rename Filename from Metadata back to No and see if it then runs to completion.

Also I am slightly confused as you seem to be using an existing rename mask AlbumArtistorArtist/Album/Artist - Album - Track - Title, whereas I thought you had to create your own each time and use that. Secondly you have Rename filename part only enabled, this means that only the filename part will change don’t you want to group the songs by artist/album as well ?

The support files let me see the last four FixSongsReports. If I look at Report 976 then we can see 7,424 songs were loaded, but only 7,370 songs were processed a difference of 54, there was also 54 errors. Because there is a difference the report says Unexpected Error but actually because it caught the 54 errors they should have been added to the Completed count, there was not actually an UnexpectedError

The actual errors is due to a bug introduced in SongKong 7.2 that I haven’t got to the bottom of, raised issue

Thankyou for the new support files, okay they do show an error for file renaming due to the File Renamer rewrite we did in SongKong 7.2. The error only occurs if have Filenaming:Rename Filename Part Only enabled in Fix Songs for current profile which is why I couldnt reproduce the problem.

Okay so I am fixing this now but the workaround would be to:

Start Fix Songs
Uncheck Filenaming:Rename Filename Part Only
Select Start (need to save the change to profile)
Cancel Fix Songs
Now go into Preferences, should be able to rename and clone filename masks now.

Done. Did not work.

This appears to work, though, when opening any of the supplied filename masks, the interface says “invalid mask”.

I’ll read the "How to create a Rename Mask document again now, and try making a valid one.

I have not been able to build a filename mask at all (using the app).
Since I can’t change the Rename Mask, I just use whatever, then run the results through Yate, where I can change the naming convention used.
I have reasons to not let SK change my directory structure—I’ve been bitten by errors too many times, and I prefer to use Yate for that, because I have a direct view of the entire file list before any actions are taken, and can correct matching errors/inconsistencies as I go along. (Biggest problem is that matches are coming back as different artist or album artist for the same artist, e.g. [Peter Green Splinter Group] and [Peter Green Splinter Group, The], or, especially on jazz records, the Artist and Album Artist info changes song-to-song inside an album. That puts different songs from the same album into different directories.

I don’t understand how this happens, but I also don’t care, because I’ve found that reviewing everything in Yate before committing to directory folder structure changes saves me a lot of headache.

I’m nearly finished with a wholesale cleanup of my library.
I have a non-trivial amount of tracks and albums, and I have to be thoughtful when making changes that affect large parts of my library, or I waste a ton of time; on top of the file manipulation, ROON takes a very long time to reindex and identify music when many changes are made. I don’t want to wait two or three days for a reindex just because I made a mistake.

324855 Tracks/21570 Albums/6287 Artists/~8TB

This wont work properly because of the underlying bug, please see my previous reply for the correct workaround of (temporarily) unchecking Rename Filename Part Only in order to allow you to edit masks.

Got it. We crossed our posts, I think.

I should have mentioned that the inconsistent Artist/Album artist info isn’t your or SongKong’s fault. I assume it comes from MusicBrainz. Without manual intervention, there isn’t any way SK could know which set of info to use, as far as I know. (I don’t want anyone reading this later to assign blame in the wrong place)

Actually I think this is down to the settings you are using in SongKong.

When a grouping songs is matched to an album in MusicBrainz we always ensure that all songs have the same value set for Album Artist. Grouping of songs is usually based on the folder (album folder) but can also be based on existing metadata, and if we cannot match all songs in the grouping to one album then we don’t match to an album. However you have unchecked the Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album option and this allows only some songs to be matched to a particular album, and other matched to another album and this can then leads to discrepancies.

Regarding Artist bit difficult to say without an actual example, next time it happens rerun Create Support FIles and let me know then I can look at it.

Hi, okay I have fixed some of your problems and added debugging to try and solve the main issue that the when you had rename enabled Fix Songs on __VARIOUS ARTISTS II/RUN SK ON ME folder never completed.

So for all platforms (including MacOS) I have replaced the existing version of 7.3 Schmilco with a new one, could you please redownload and reinstall. You can check you have the new version by selecting SongKong/About SongKong menu item and looking at the build date. It should say 22/03/2021 whereas the original version said 15/03/2021.

Then rerun Fix Songs on __VARIOUS ARTISTS II/RUN SK ON ME folder and when it appears to have stopped please cancel and then run Create Support Files. That should then give me the neccessary information to work out the issue, once I have fixed the issue i will do a new proper release of SongKong 7.4 so that all customers will receive notification that new release available.

While I understand what you’re saying, I wasn’t talking about this particular round of renaming. It seems to be a problem that shows up for certain things, and not others. Because of my particular situation, I have to change settings sometimes; we can’t draw conclusions about the result of those settings except in the immediate case we’re talking about. I might be talking about something that happened a couple of weeks ago.
Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I don’t use SK to rename directories or move files any more.

Thank you.
I no longer have that particular folder, but I do have a folder with ~2500 loose files in it, and I’ll run it on that.

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Have you managed to try this yet, required for me to resolve the issue.

Okay I think I have now fixed this, it was another problem due to Rename Filename Part Only being enabled.

I have uploaded another version of Schmilco, Build Date 23/03/2021 - if you have a chance to try it pout that would be great, I think the errors and hanging problems you had should now be fixed.

Okay, I have gone ahead and released 7.3.1 because I need to get it done, this should resolve your SongKong issues - SongKong 7.3.1 Schmilco released on 24th March 2021

Sorry, just got home. SK did not stall out on a folder of 4606 files. I’ll send the Support Files anyway.

Great, thanks so I think this is all fixed.

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