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Capitalizer issue with "& THE"

No matter how I configure Jaikoz (11.7 IDLES, on Mac Sonoma 14.2.1), the “the” in band names or titles after an ampersand (&) remains capitalized. I would prefer that in most cases this be rendered “& the” (ex: Iggy & the Stooges) but it does not seem to be possible.

Suggestions? Thanks!

Hi replicated your issue and raised

I don’t currently know why it is happening, I have one workaround but its a bit awkward

  • Edit:Find and Replace: Find & Replace and
  • Capitalizer:Title Case
  • Edit:Find and Replace: Find and Replace &

Thanks–for bulk changes the workaround will work (awkward, as you note…but still easier than manually changing a whole bunch of 'em).

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Okay I have found the issue this was done on purpose for title case specifically for when the word the follows & because actually correct result is

Echo & The Bunneymen
Iggy & The Stoogles


Echo & the Bunneymen
Iggy & the Stoogies

So I dont really want to change it, what do you think ?

Thought about this some more I’m thinking its not 100% for bands names that the after & should always be The and because very difficult for user to work out what is happening here when it does happen I will remove the keeping of The

Then for case when users do want to keep The I am going to add new capitalizer option called Capitalize Each Word that capitalizes the first letter of every word ignoring the keep lowercase exception list (and also ignoring keeping of uppercase words)

Both changes done for next release.

Fixed in