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Cannot launch SongKong 6.6 on Mac

I cannot launch SongKong on my MBP running Catalina. I am attaching a screenshot of the error message from macOS. Basically it says it cannot check the app for malware.


With MacOS Catalina Apple have introduced yet another security concept called Notarization, we havent had time to be able to implement this for SongKong yet but there is an easy workround.

Simply right click on SongKong in Applications, select Open. Now a dialog appears that also has Open, select this to start SongKong. You will only have to do this the first time you use it.

Instructions with pictures (for a different app) can be found here

We have now managed to get Notarization working and have replaced the existing version of SongKong 6.6.2 with a new one for MacOS that will no longer complain when you try and open it.

But because of changes made by Apple we cannot currently notarize after Feb 3rd 2020, so the problem now returns with SongKong 6.8.1 release.

Hi Paul, thank you for the quick answer. Ik can open SongKong now. But it doesn’t look the same as before. I used SongKong to transport playlist between several streaming services. But can’t see that option anymore. I only use it once or twice in a year, forgot how I did it and can’t find it in the new version.

Are you confusing Jaikoz with SongKong (although Jaikoz doesn’t support creation of playlists, and SongKong never has)

I am confusing Songkong with Soundizz. Sorry, didn’t use it for a long time.