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Cannot deselect preview only

Docker version of SongKong 6.9.5 Mercury Build 1119 08/06/2020

Preview only box is checked and grayed out, preventing me from deselecting it.

Do you have a Pro license, a Pro license is required to use the Web mode -

I do, however, it looks like my updates must have expired. Not sure if there is a way to warn people about this, but a simple docker update blocking a functioning program seems harsh.

Anyway, thanks for the help. Take care.

SongKong gives free updates for a year, after than you can purchased another year for a year. But if you are running SongKong and it notifies you a new version available it should clearly let you know your version update period has expired, did it not do this ?

I can’t say it was clearly, since I didn’t see it. But it did say there was an update.

I will double check, there may be issue with the Web/Remote that doesn’t make this clear enough