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Bug: SongKong windows UI is broken


Delete Duplicate Songs


Hover over or select the drop-down box next to default option and I get this:

From here on out the whole UI is now broken and I have to restart the app


Hi, I am not seeing that issue.

Is there anything unusual about the platform you are running one, you are not using Virtualisation or something are you ?

Just a standard Windows 11 pro

Further observation:

Of all the options: Status Report, Fix songs, Rename Files, etc… Only Fix songs and Match to One Album don’t seem to break the UI.

Example Fix Songs:

Example Delete Duplicate:
not working

You’ll notice the ‘Default’ window/option is smaller between the two.

Also if I resize the window you get this:

The 3 options on the bottom Cancel, Start, Info buttons move with the resized window but the 4 on top do not. To me it looks like what is happening is when default is activated it is trying to expand/resize its window/function but it cannot due to the 3 buttons next it being locked in place.

It might help if you show whole screen instead of just the window, are you using single monitor or multiple monitors ?

Triple Monitor setup

Ok I suspect it is linked to that, just as expirement can yiu try using just one monitor and see if that resolves it.

No change; I even tried lowering the resolution to see if that would make a difference. 3840x2160 to 1920x1080

Did you actually configure computer so only one monitor connected?

Because no-one else has reported this and I can’t repeat it.