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Bitdefender qurantines songkong-10.7.jar as a trojan

My Bitdefender qurantined songkong-10.7.jar as a trojan (Trojan.GenericKD.73069566) When I ran SongKong 10.7 the first time. Any idea why this happens?

Hmm it happened for 10.6 as well, I submitted it as a false positive and that seemed to resolve things. So I guess 10.7 has the same issue and is again triggering a false positive so need to submit this new one as well. But I have no idea why the installer keeps triggering these false positives.

Thank you for the reply. I didn’t have any problem with 10.6 but I’m looking forward to it beeing submittet :+1:

It is probable you didn’t install 10.6 until after bitdefender had removed false positive.

Bitdefender has just reported a Trojan detection for me too :unamused:

Okay installed BitDefender Free AntiVirus on my computer (annoyingly doesnt let you install unless you remove existing other AntiVirus software first) and installed SongKong 10.7 and then ran it and saw the trojan issue.

I have now submitted to BitDefender so hopefully be resolved within a couple of days.


I have just downloaded and reinstalled SongKong and BitDefender no longer complaining (I also ran a Quick Scan and no longer reporting isues) so should now be okay for you.