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Beginning with Jaikoz First Time Trial

Im not sure why you say that, your Fix Songs report showed most albums were identified no problem

Sorry its called Edit Songs Metadata in the Tasks menu, or the last icon shown at the top, the notepad with the pencil icon.

I actually suggested that for SongKong

You need to purchase a license, then you can uncheck Preview Only and it will automatically save changes

It could be various reasons why not matched to Jaikoz, did it match album in first place, if not then it wont match the artwork. The SongKong matching algorithm is currently a bit better than the Jaikoz one, SongKong can also get artwork from more sources such as than Jaikoz can.

I need more details of the release to be able to check this.

Hi, sorry did say I had been making good progress with JK and had only tried SK once I had run into a problem and the “not so much” reflects my own ignorance and absence of a SK license and not a criticism. I cannot justify second purchase this month, that is all.

With JK I shall leave aside the few problems I have had with album art as this is not critical for me. I have lived without for years. I do have more important question concerning tagging.

My preferred Album title for Opera works has been in the form:-
Composer : Title : Conductor. eg Mozart: Cosi fan Tutti ; Solti.
This is the easiest way to refer to well know works and for some I need the date as there may be several versions from the same conductor.

I have found that Auto Correct has deleted the conductor on works on which I had previously tagged it.
How do I set the preferences in Auto Correct to include the Conductor tag in the Album Title?

The album title needs to be the same for all songs on an album and this is taken from the album title as it is found in MusicBrainz, Dscogs.

This would not usually include hhe Conductor, but the Conductor would usually be part of the Album Artist field, as well as the Conductor field.

So for your problem the combination of Album Artist and Tiltle fields should give enough info for you to know what you are listening to.

Yes I understand but for me it id a browsing issue. I use minimserver for serving from a NAS and BubbleDS as my control point. My collection is filed by genre directory. For some searches the above format is helpful. Since all the data is available is it not possible to define the tags as I wish them to be on my system using Jaikoz?

No it’s not possible because it doesn’t make sense to overload fields this way.(Also it would be difficult to do this in an automated way because you say you only want to do this when it is an opera, there is not a clear cut way to recognise opera works.)

But if using MinimServer you can configure the indexValue option to modify the values displayed when browsing the index,so you could use this to display Conductor when browsing the Album index. You can also browse by the Work index this is another field Jaikoz adds, and in either case you can filter by Conductor before or after you browse the Album or Work index.

Hi Paul,
OK, I understand. Clearly I have much more to do and will look at the Work field too. I have not looked at any of this for several years so much to learn both on JK and minimserver.

I think I should now start a new thread if I have specific question. Is that right or should I continue here?

I have a couple of questions while still here. There are a couple of anomalies in the attached support file.
The first is the number in the far left of the window. What is this? To get the display right I have to force the sort on screen to track number which is fine but I have no idea what the far left number is for.

The other problem is for example on track 13 where the title is inconsistent. What have I done wrong?

Generally best to start new thread, but the questions below are followup so can leave in this thread.

This is the Row No, when files are loaded they are allocated a rowno, usually the files are loaded alphabetically by filename so if this means the trackno is not in order it is probably because your filename does not include the trackno or at least not at the start of the filename. You can select multiple rownos and this means that when you run a task it is applied to those selected rows.

So, in this screenshot I have selected rows 3-13 so most tasks will be performed against these rows. Independently I also have the Filename field of row 22 selected, tasks that work on specific fields such as copy/paste or Capitalizer would use the field selection not the row selection.

With Jaikoz support files I can only see the logs there are no reports (like there are with SongKong) so I cannot see what you are referring to here, please post a screenshot.

Hi Paul, unfortunately in my enthusiasm to accept the Album Art I may have accepted errors elsewhere but I am working on one recording now: Mozart - Cosi fan tutte (René Jacobs). I cannot reproduce the problem I had been looking at so am sending the support file and screenshot of what I have now on JK. I how the support file has reached you and here is the screenshot:-

You can see the Row Number, File Name and Track Number are inconsistent. Just for your info I am also enclosing a screenshot of the EasyTag view of the same directory:-

Her the track numbers do match the file names although the tagging is not quite how I started.

Hope you can advise in due course.

Not quite sure why the rowno don’t match the filename order, maybe a quirk of your particular linux or filesystem, but that is a non issue really the rownos dont matter.

Now it seems on the Jaikoz screenshot the trackno field is not matching the filename, on Easytag I can only see title and filename, I assume trackno must be the same as Jaikoz, it cannot be different if just loading the same files into each and doing nothing else ?

Im not really clear on what the question is?

Okay so I just remembered you also sent me a SonKong support files, and one of the status report matches this album

I can see it is a 3 CD album. But in your Jaikoz screenshot it looks like a one disc album so I have to ask did you manually modify the track nos to make it look like one single disc ?

Yes I did so that the whole work can be played in the right sequence. I was doing this from way back.

I have other problems with other albums because tagging even for original rip gives me problems and sometimes mixes up disks from similar works. That is why I gave up with SK originally and tag edit by hand.

Are you suggesting a better way?

There is absolutely no need to do this, just about all players understand discno & trackno and will play in the correct order. With MinimServer you have additional options about whether to show or hide disc boundaries - Tutorial 25: Multi Disc Albums

I would need more details to discuss second issue, but there seemed to be no problem when you ran SongKong recently in preview mode.

Hi Paul,
You are very sanguine over what is now possible but at the time I was ripping some of these none of this was possible.
Sadly all the CDs are now in a storage facility so it will be a while before I try again but the tracks and flac files I have are all correct but not being recognised correctly. I shall try and get to my CDs and do a fresh rip from the outset.
Thanks for the reply and help so far.

Hi, there is really no need to re-rip you just need to work with the automatch rather than against it. For example looking at the status report SongKong created for the Mozart album Jaikoz appears to have it all correctly matched.

OK Paul will do but does that mean I have to buy a new subscription or can I update my original sub?

I have purchased a three year upgrade as my last recent license was purchased in 2019 so I hope this does the trick.
Will call for help if stuck.

Thanks, that has worked

BTW the version updates work from the day you purchase (if expired) so this will now cover you for all versions of SongKong released until 19/02/2027

Nearly there but I have had to do a new download and my license has not been picked up. How do I get the right keys please?

Hi, I have just sent you a forum private message with your license details.