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Beginning with Jaikoz First Time Trial

I am running on openSUSE Tumbleweed and trying Jaikoz for first time witrh a view to going through my pop cd rips and adding missing album art.

The rips are all stored in my Multimedia>Music directory and are mainly .flac files although earlier rips were ripped to .mp3. The ripper I now use is Asunder but this is not capable, afaik, of including the album art. I have tagged the files, if tag editing is needed, using EasyTag but most are OK. The genres are of my choosing but these are not critical for my pop collection. For example I have put all my Rolling Stones albums in the one genre “Rock” although some might argue.

I hoped to start on the Rolling Stones by selecting the first couple of albums but have no idea where to start. Some starting help would be appreciated please.

Hi, basically use

  • Open Folder to load your Rolling Stones folder,
  • Run Autocorrect to identify and tag them
  • Check results in Jaikoz
  • If happy then do File:Save changes

Yes, that is what I thought but…

I could browse to my Rolling Stones subdirectory but the screen opens in Genre column with

All(0 Genres) 

I was expecting to the the albums in subdirectories below but nothing there!

I installed using cli in a terminal. I have installed my new license but of course at present I cannot close the terminal without closing the app. What is best way to install and be able to update etc?


Further to this I can drill down to individual albums and work on them but I had hoped I would not have to work on each individual album but rather my Rolling Stones collection. Is this possible?

Can you post a screenshot please I think that will make it clearer to me.

OK screen shots as I drill down. Unfortunately they are displayed in wrong order here but you should see what I mean.:-

second screen shot:-

and the first track:-

I can process each album one at a time but I do not wish to disturb the directory structure. If I select all the tracks and process, say by one artist at a time, will the directory structure be preserved if I save my corrections? I should also add that the tracks are not displayed until I have drilled down so it is a bit of a chore for 10,000 plus tracks!

I have tried highlighting all the albums in one artist folder and it seems I can auto correct all in one hit. Will check what I have saved but I cannot yet found out how to have tracks from different artist albums all being corrected with one instruction.

I’m really sorry but i cannot understand what you are trying to say.

Let me explain how Jaikoz works maybe that will make it clearer for you.

With Jaikoz use Open Folder to open a folder and loads the songs within into Jaikoz, this could be a single folder representing album, it could be an artist folder containing multiple albums folders or it could be your whole music folder. it will always load all the music files either directly within the folder and within subfolders within the folder.

Once the songs are loaded each song is shown as one line in the spreadsheet like view. Yo can filter songs based on their genre, album artist, album metadata using the Column Browser if yo wish.

When you run a task such as Autocorrect it will act on all visible songs if nothing selected or the rows selected in the rowno column if some are selected. Tasks can be run on multiple albums, unlike most taggers you dont have to work one album at a time.

Autocorrect performs a number of task as configured in the settings, but mainly matching to MusicBrainz and Discogs, it doesn’t by default do any file renaming

You can perform whatever tasks yo like, do manual editing ecetera but nothing actually gets modified until you do File/Save Changes

Hi Paul,
What you describe is what I had assumed but is not how it is working here.

If I click on Open Folder and select the folder for Music>Rock>Rolling Stones it does not appear to load anything but it does show the list of artist subdirectories. If I highlight and select say three artists and select the open folder button nothing happens. Only if select the Eagles for example by double clicking on it does that subdirectory open to show the albums and to have all the tracks show I have to highlight each album until they are all highlighted and then Select and this opens all the albums selected and they appear in a list as hoped.

Is there a setting I am missing somewhere which allows it to open subdirectories perhaps? I know there is a similar option setting in EasyTag but I have not found this here. I am a real beginner I have confessed and the Autocorrection etc is working perfectly but it will take me a while working this way.

If you can shine any more light it would be appreciated but at least I have been able to add the album art on the first few artists albums and these all saved working correctly and being served by minimserver and shown in on control point screen so thanks for this.


Ah, okay you appear to have unchecked through Include subdirectory when searching for songs option at the bottom of the Open Folder dialog. Re-enable that and should work as expected.

Found it last night. Beginner’s error but all now good so far with the pop.

I may need to come back for help with the classical albums. I tried a couple of simple examples and for several there was no album art. Possibly never uploaded so will investigate.

Many thanks again and sorry to have been so dumb.

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After my wobble I am pleased to report I have been able to add album art to most of my ripped pop CDs.

The failures, which might have been due to the original rip failures or just that the tracks have not been found in MusicBrainz seem to have fallen into three categories:

CDs bought in Hong Kong with tagging attempted butt failed as I have not set up system for Chinese characters. Not a problem for me as I cannot read Chinese.

CDs bought in South Africa which are probably not in MusicBrainz.

Compilation CDs such as “Hits for the 70s” from third parties and offered by various marketing companies. Not my choice and not a problem but I was surprised that the tracks were not recognised from originals. Only a few well known titles were recognised.

None of these issues are a problem but I did then try some of my classical album genres and had almost no success. As these are often two or three CD sets of opera for example I have had to tag them all myself over the years. It was at this point but many years ago when I gave up on SongKong. The problem then was not just with your software but the database and the often arbitrary tagging suggestions uploaded. As you know, Mozart is not an Artist, he is the Composer. The Artist can be the conductor or the soloist and the debates continue.

I had been following the discussion in the Minimserver forum but had to stop and have not touched this since 2018 although I do of course run my NAS with minimserver.

The reason for posting here, in addition to thanking you once again for an excellent product in Jaikoz, is to ask if I can solve or improve my tagging of my classical collection with JaiKoz or do I have to switch to SongKong and will this help now?


What is the system, my computers can show Chinese characters okay without me having to set anything up, although I also cannot read Chinese.

You are probably correct.

Jaikoz will try to match songs in a set to an album, so usually if the album cannot be found then the songs are not updated. SongKong will do Song Only matching in this case whereby it modifies song only fields such as title and artist but leaves fields that depend on the right album alone such as album, artist album and trackno but have not ywet implemented this for Jaikoz

Classical should work fine, and we have options for Classcial in Jaikoz so that composer is not set as artist even if they are in the MusicBrainz, but the algorithm is currently more advanced in SonKong

I would suggest yourun through SongKong and see what results you get, if you don’t have license you can just run in preview. If you then run Create Support Files I can take a look at your results and consider further.

Jaikoz with classical worked after a fashion but still trying to work out what possible changes were proposed. BTW what is significance of lavender highlighting parts of some columns?

I am now trying SongKong as you suggest. Not sure what I am doing as the only url I have is the one in which I am typing so I have sent this. Hope that is what you need.

I selected a simple subdirectory: Baroque which has all newish CD rips. This time there was no button to show opening subdirectories but than I opened Status report and found a lot had been done. Strange there was no sign of activity and I have no idea what I should do next but await your advice.

That they have been modified by Jaikoz. although changes are not saved to disk unless do File:Save Changes. You can compare orginal value with new value by selecting View/Show View Pane, the top half shows the original value, bottom half shows current values.

In this screenshot we have modified the barcode for some rows

You can also see a list of all changes for a particular file by selecting View:Show Detail Pane and selecting the Changes tab

Yes, thats correct

No because it just automatically processes all subfolders and files in selected folder. But you have run Status Report that just creates a report that shows the existing metadata in the files


but you need to run the Fix Songs to get SongKong to try and identify the songs

I have run Fix Songs and have the resulting bar chart. Not all are at 100% with Album at about 92% and Artwork 84% but when I look at Browse by Album I seem to have all the artwork. I have not yet worked out if the tagging is from the ripping, my own editing subsequently or from SongKong but some is right and some needs correcting.

I shall experiment a bit but can I save anything if I do try and make corrections.
Have to stop now as I have to prepare for trip in morning. Will work some more at the weekend.
Many many thanks Paul.

Could yiou just run Create Support Files again please so I can look at the report.

Hi, not sure if you wanted the Support File from Jaikoz or SK. Here is the Support File for SG which is wher I had reached in this adventure.

It seems to have worked so will wait for your reply when you have time. Meanwhile can I save anything from this trial?

SongKong, so can see from MusicBrainz bar on the summary the vast majority have been matched but not all.

Missing ones include this one

You may be able to get a match using the Match To One Album task

With Lite the only changes you can save are with the Manual Edit task.

Hi Paul,
I appreciate I am now asking too much but when you have time…

I have been making good progress with JK but not so much with SK Lite. Not found, never mind mastered, Manual Edit.

Working with JK I have done as you suggest and worked on individual albums if Auto correct for a directory full fails. This has yielded some missing album art on some albums but others have resisted. Strangely SK does find the album art so two questions.

How can I save the album art if correct Artwork found with SK Lite.

Since data must be in database how can I force the search so I can get to the artrwork using JK.

PS. The artwork found by SK was for the wrong conductor so seems database is still to be updated.