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Beatport (API) as ID3 Tag Source

Yes you are quite right - 2007 !!!

I must get that done.

@paultaylor is there any news on this being implemented? I also do not mind paying more for the possibility of have soundcloud or beatport to help tag all my dance music. MusicBrainz is falling way behind in this genre.

Well Im actually working on Classical at the moment, but I see what you mean and I think I will something with both Beatport and Soundcloud

Thanks for the reply. Eagerly awaiting this one… like i said extra $$$ for something like this i would gladly pay and so would many others, im sure

Same here almost half of my music is not on Discogs but on Beatport, I even went as far as to install MP3tag… :cry: :shock:

How’s this going, is this still on your list Paul?

Hi Paul,

I see you have recently completed the classical feature to Jaikoz, congrats to you on another reason why this is clearly the best tagger on the market.

So here it comes… Have you put anymore time or thought into implementing Beatport or the like for electronic/dance music?

Hi thanks, i think its a good idea, but sorry no not yet Classical has taken some time

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but did Soundcloud integration ever make it in the roadmap? I am considering SongKong and so much of my music is from SoundCloud I don’t know if it would help…

This would be a great PRO feature to encourage upgrades. :slight_smile:


Im afraid not so far, but if you run SongKong Lite Preview you can see exactly how much is identified before purchase.

Thanks for the info, please keep this on the wish list… especially for unsigned artists. (Also vote for Bandcamp if that’s possible too)

Turns out SongKong managed to id a little less than half of the 725 SoundCloud songs, so that’s a bunch I won’t have to do manually. You made a fan today!

  • 1 for beatport intégration. This is actually the reason i haven’t renewed my jaikoz or songkong licences due to my very large electronic music library (expectes being a dj)

Would gladly come back with this addition Paul :slightly_smiling_face:

I need to look into this, however it is worth noting that even if the songs are not in MusicBrainz/Discogs there is still a good chance they are in the much larger Acoustid database and if so allows SongKong to add basic artist/album/title information. I would suggest you run SongKong Fix Songs in preview mode to see how many it gets.

Screenshot 2021-06-11 at 18.57.59

here is the result. How can I send you the full report?

If you run Create Support Files that will automatically send me the report

Recieved the report, but can see from the summary above that about 50% of songs are getting matched. Note that 16,000 songs were matched to MusicBrainz, and a further 5000 songs could not be matched to MusicBrainz but could be matched to Acoustid and basic information added.

I have made a request to beatports to use their api, to see if my application is acceptable to them.


Contacted beatport, but got the following reply:

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your interest. At this time our Technology Teams will not be issuing any new API keys.

Unfortunately, there are no immediate plans for an open API or keyed access. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards,

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How is the BeatPort option going? The BeatPort Web API system is now working correctly and it’s been a few years.
I believe we should revisit this initiative; it would be a huge boost for Jaikoz.


Is it, Can you post a link ?

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following for Beatport updates